American Rapper Zerial Dijon Rivera Shot During Instagram Live

American Rapper Zerial Dijon Rivera Shot During Instagram Live

Zerial Dijon Rivera, a 21-year-old American rapper popularly known as ‘Indian Red Boy‘ (stage name), was shot dead during his Instagram live. He was shot 3 times in the head, which resulted in his instant death. 

Zerial Dijon Rivera was sitting in his car on July 8 in Hawthorne when he was attacked for allegedly dissing at American rapper Nipsey Hussle.

The Los Angeles rapper was talking to his friend on Instagram live. Police reports suggest that the Zerial may have been killed over the Nipsey Hussle’s tribute mural defacing with the paint.

In his Instagram live, Rivera can be seen bleeding and struggles to say, ‘Get help’ before crashing on the ground. His friend was heard yelling in the video, ‘Where you at” To which he responded ‘Hawthorne. LA Police, after reaching the spot, announced the artist dead. 

LA police, in their investigation, found that he was a member of the Bloods gang, an African-American street gang founded in Los Angeles that is known for its rivalry with the Crips (another African American gang in LA involved in illegal activities, mainly in drug dealing, theft, extortion, and murder).

Police in their press release said the shooters have not yet been officially identified. They fled the scene before police arrived. Police said that the shooting might have been gang-related. 

Police urged the civilians to come forward and help if they know anything about the incident.

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