Whatsapp reassures its users through ‘Whats app status’ on 16th Jan

Whatsapp reassures its users through ‘Whats app status’ on 16th Jan

Whatsapp used Twitter to clear up the confusion and for the extension for the policy. They announced it on 16th Jan by tweeting on shifting dates of three months for implementing a new privacy policy that has faced huge backlash with more than millions of its users migrating from the WhatsApp Platform to rivals Apps like Signal and Telegram.

The policy change was originally scheduled to come into effect on February 8, the Facebook-owned company said.

It has clarified that the update does not affect data sharing with Facebook with regard to personal conversations or other profile information and only addresses business chats in the event a user converses with a company’s customer service platform.

We’ve heard from so many people how much confusion there is around our recent update. There’s been a lot of misinformation causing concern and we want to help everyone understand our principles and the facts,” WhatsApp said in a company blog.

We’re now moving back the date on which people will be asked to review and accept the terms,” the blog post reads.

We’re also going to do a lot more to clear up the misinformation around how privacy and security works. We’ll then go to people gradually to review the policy at their own pace before new business options are available on May 15,” it added.

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WhatsApp assures users via Status

Whatsapp users woke up to the four messages displayed on their status from a contact named ‘Whatsapp’.

The messages read as

  • ‘We are committed to your privacy’
  • ‘WhatsApp can’t see your shared location’
  • ‘WhatsApp can’t read or listen to your personal conversations as they are end to end encrypted’
  • ‘WhatsApp doesn’t share your contacts with Facebook’.

On Sunday, 17-Jan-2021 WhatsApp broadcasted its Message On ‘Status’ Giving Assurance On Privacy Policy; Users Raises Questions.

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Mixed reactions of Whats app Users

Many people took to Twitter to react to the tweets and the status displayed by the Whats app on the User’s phone. Everyone had mixed reactions to these and took to Twitter to display their thoughts.

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