22-Year Old Vikas Kumar Arrested for Harrassing Woman on Social Media

22-Year Old Vikas Kumar Arrested for Harrassing Woman on Social Media

Delhi Police arrested a 22-year-old man on Saturday for stalking more than 100 women on social media and sending obscene messages and video clips from fake accounts.

The name of the accused is identified as Vikas Kumar who is a gym trainer at Dwarka. 

Delhi cyber cell arrested Vikas after they received a complaint from women. The woman in his complaint alleged that he was harassing her by sending obscene messages and stalking her online despite her telling him not to do so.

Vikas also threatened her by saying he knows her details. Delhi cyber cell immediately contacted Facebook and found the accused made fake IDs to target women. 

In their preliminary investigation, Delhi police found that he used to send obscene messages to women by creating fake Facebook accounts. After the arrest of Vikas, he took possession of his one sim and mobile for further probe.

Vikas, in his interrogation, said he was addicted to porn and used to send vulgar and obscene messages and videos to induce girls for a sexual favor. So far, he had made the fake ID in the name of women Shital Thakur, Pooja Kumari, Shivani Gupta.

On further investigation, police found that the details used to create were obtained through unlawful means, and the subscriber details do not match the location.

A complaint was lodged at Sagarpur Police Station in which a woman complainant reported that an unknown person had repeatedly been harassing her by sending lewd messages and obscene videos on her Facebook Messenger. The accused also claimed that he knows her personally,” said police.

On further technical analysis, the alleged user of the Facebook ID was identified as Vikas Kumar (22). He used to entice girls/women by creating fake Facebook accounts impersonating a woman. During scrutiny, it was found that the accused was using many Facebook IDs to stalk and abuse more than 100 women. So far, three Facebook accounts have been identified, using which he befriended more than 2,000 people.

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