Vikas Dubey encounter: Forensic team on spot & important facts, 2020

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Gangster Vikas Dubey encounter

Vikas Dubey a known criminal in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh was killed on 10 July 2020. The Vikas Dubey encounter came after he along with his men killed 8 policemen in Kanpur. The police claimed that Vikas Dubey had snatched a pistol from one of Special Task Force (STF) police personnel and tried to flee. The gangster even fired towards the police party and was later killed by the police in retaliation.

Questions have been raised by many people and termed it as a “Fake encounter” based on the details provided by the police. Many term the Vikas Dubey encounter as a made-up story to term it as encounter while fleeing. Even the media vans following the police were made to stop before the encounter.

So, what is the reality behind the Vikas Dubey encounter? Was Vikas Dubey killed? Is the story real? A harsh reality stands hidden within society.

Vikas Dubey encounter story

Vikas Dubey was a gangster with more than 60 criminal cases filed against him. He was released on bail and was moving around freely for some time.

In an event on 3rd July 2020 in Bikru village of Kanpur, he killed 8 policemen with the help of his gang members. The killing of 8 policemen took the whole country by surprise. Everyone was shocked after hearing the news.

After this terrible incident, Vikas Dubey fled the crime scene to Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) where he was caught near a temple. A special task force was assigned for the transfer of Vikas Dubey from MP to Uttar Pradesh and was killed in an encounter during the journey.

Vikas Dubey caught in Ujjain

According to the UP police, Vikas Dubey was killed in retaliation when he tried to escape after snatching the gun from the police personnel.

In the report submitted in Supreme Court by Uttar Pradesh police, they said that “During the transfer the police van in which Vikas Dubey was kept overturned in order to avoid the collision with the cattle herd. All the police personnel in the van got unconscious. Vikas Dubey took the opportunity to escape and therefore snatched a pistol from Inspector and tried to run away.”

“After snatching the pistol Vikas Dubey fired against the police trying to recapture him. In response, the special task force fired six shots at him out of which 3 shots hit him declaring him dead at the hospital.”

The encounter brought high praise for the police from the public. The UP police were being termed as heroes by some citizens.

High praise of police after vikas dubey encounter

However, the reports submitted by the Uttar Pradesh police raised important questions regarding the criminal and law system of India.

Last year, an encounter took place in Hyderabad where the police killed two rapists. It was widely appreciated as well as raised questions about the encounter.


Allegation of Vikas Dubey encounter

Ever since the incident of Vikas Dubey encounter, the allegations against the police have risen. The public is demanding answers from the police for the murder of Vikas Dubey.

Retired Justice Deepak Gupta too raised questions about the reality of the encounter. He says that the police made such a shoddy story that even they don’t care whether people think of it as an encounter or murder. He further added that submitting a report against the PILs filed in the court, Uttar Pradesh police submitted such a fake story that doesn’t look real in any case.

The allegation includes that it was a political murder to hide the harsh reality of politics from the people which Vikas Dubey knew.

Despite all allegations whether Vikas Dubey encounter was real or not a question remains unanswered as to such a high ranked gangster is not under police custody for being booked under 65 criminal cases?

Did he have such good political connections that even law defied his arrest and released him on bail? Even the top court on Monday on 20th July raised questions and used the term “Appalled” for this question.

Audio of Vikas Dubey has been leaked on social media with Vikas Dubey saying that “He will do something very big so that he would be remembered forever even though he has to remain in jail for the rest of the life.”

This video clip assures that Dubey was tipped off in advance by the police regarding the raid at his house.

The Supreme Court bench raised by Chief justice SA Bobde said that “It is appalled that the gangster got bail even despite being booked under 60+ criminal cases. The court also asked the Uttar Pradesh government to consider adding a former apex court magistrate and a retired police officer in the inquiry of Vikas Dubey encounter and also said that they have to uphold the rule of law.

Retired Justice BS Chauhan also said that “How he was granted the bail is the main issue that needs to be determined. Since the Code of criminal procedure is very strict on the issues of murder, yet he was on parole is the main reason these consequences.”

Supreme Court has ordered to present a report of Vikas Dubey encounter within 2 months and thus, Forensic experts have been called up to recreate the scene and form a report.

The forensic experts of Forensic science laboratory, Rohini, Delhi on Saturday reached Vikas Dubey encounter crime scene.


Forensic Update on Vikas Dubey Encounter

Forensics team on crime scene

Senior Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) Experts along with other team members joined with Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force to recreate the crime scene with help of their Encounter theory narrated by the Special task force(STF) and local Police.

In order to cross-examine the encounter theory, reconstruction of crime scene by forensic experts. The FSL team along with the STF inspected the area where the police vehicle ferrying Vikas Dubey, overturned due to rain and high speed.

Most of the officers from STF and Kanpur police who were present during the incident were recalled as they were asked to be present at the spot during the reconstruction of the crime scene.

A K Srivastava, a senior FSL official, told the media persons that the state government has already issued an instruction to recreate the encounter and submit the findings. “We have recreated the scene and forensic findings would also be submitted to the government at the earliest,” he added.

Crime scene reconstruction of Vikas Dubey encounter case


Interesting Facts of the case

  • Even though Vikas Dubey was being taken smoothly from Ujjain to Kanpur with media vans following, the media was left behind and an encounter took place just after that.
  • When the car overturned, all police personnel were left unconscious and Vikas Dubey was well and fine to escape.
  • Even though Vikas Dubey was booked under 64 criminal cases including murder, he was left on parole on which even Supreme court was shocked.
  • Even though Uttar Pradesh has FSL laboratories in Moradabad, Ghaziabad, Lucknow, etc. FSL team of Rohini Delhi was called.
  • The senior Forensic expert of FSL Rohini i.e., AK Srivastava has already been previously booked by CBI for aiding 3 rape accused.
  • Since the encounter is already in the hype of being termed as ‘Fake encounter’ to save top secrets of the political background people, the case has been handed over to the senior official who is already booked by CBI for allegedly aiding 3 accused criminals.


Unanswered questions in this case

This incident has shaken the whole country and has left many questions unanswered in the minds of citizens such as:

  1. Has our legal system become so fragile that it gives a chance to the police for taking actions i.e encounters against the criminal in spite of punishing the criminal by following the criminal procedures in a legal way? (If it was a fake encounter)
  2. Has the police lost the hope of getting justice legally that they have come with a way of getting justice for the victims i.e., encounter?
  3. Did Vikas Dubey had any connections with the political parties?? Were the leaders or members of the political parties afraid about disclosing of their dark secrets which were acquainted with Vikas Dubey? (If it was a fake encounter)
  4. Why there is the involvement of Rohini FSL since UP has its own forensic laboratories with well-equipped experts and equipment?
  5. Why the case was handed over to deputy director of FSL A.K Srivastava who is already booked by CBI under corruption charges?



Uttar Pradesh police have always been accused of being corrupt and not working properly and one such incident of Vikas Dubey encounter has again raised questions towards their working procedure. Vikas Dubey’s parole, the killing of 8 policemen, tipping off before the raid, encounter, etc. all leads to the incompetence of UP police.

The opposition has started blaming the government to take part in the encounter to cover their dirty secrets. The report submitted in the name of DGP means that the high-level officers are also involved in this. If the court accepts the facts of the story, it would mean that either it is true but mostly the incompetence of inquiry as well.

However, if the court decides to raise questions in the story, the top officials may be boked for perjury and may to jail. Assignment of FSL Rohini instead of Uttar Pradesh FSL has further raised questions.


Do you think it is okay to assign FSL Rohini the job of recreating the crime scene?




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