Uttar Pradesh: The Extensive Crime Hub of India

Uttar Pradesh: The Extensive Crime Hub of India

Uttar Pradesh is one of the states with a higher crime rate. Recently, all of us witnessed a horrible incident in which a local gangster named “Vikas Dubey” along with his gang members killed 8 policemen. This incident was just a hint of what lies within Uttar Pradesh. 

Although we live in different states, everyone knows how severe the crime rate is in Uttar Pradesh. Every day, we hear news about Uttar Pradesh, there is always news about some murder, corruption, rape, etc. and what government or police does to stop them is a big question mark.


The crime rate in Uttar Pradesh

The crime rate in Uttar Pradesh increases drastically every year. Although the reports of the police may claim that the percentage of crime has decreased in the last few years or so and CM Yogi Adityanath has also claimed that the Gunda Raj in UP is over.

Yet, the truth may be different. The Vikas Dubey incident just clarifies the opposite. Despite being booked under more than 60 criminal cases and roaming around UP on parole gives another incident towards the opposite. 

Living in Uttar Pradesh for more than 4 years, the reality of Gunda Raj in UP was visible with my own eyes. The fear of locals, fights for no reason, crimes against women, racism, white-collar crimes, etc. was no doubt had spread in all areas/districts.

As we go more towards the Bihar border, the area is much backward with higher crime rates. One reason for the high crime rate is also the dominance of locals which is much more than normally seen.

Due to the reason that the communities are divided within themselves, conflicts between them rise every now as they have grown with the thinking of one being the superior and other being the inferior.

Riots between communities break out with even a single smallest rumour as the hatred between them has increased over the years. Politics often play a role in adding butter/oil to the burning fire for their own benefits.

Crime and criminal

According to the National Records Crime Bureau (NCRB), in 2018 more than 59,000 crimes against women were reported and more than 400 rape cases in a year which is a hike of more than 6-7 per cent (%) from 2017.

More than 12% increase in crimes against senior citizens and a hike of 2-4 % in crimes against children. However, dowry crimes have brought relief with a decrease of more than 3%. Cyber Crimes, however, remains a threat in the state reporting a 26% increase in 2018. 

Meanwhile, we may argue that crime rate should be seen with context to the population of Uttar Pradesh which is higher than most of the states but, increases in the rate justifies that the crime is increasing day-by-day. 

If you look on google, it shows that Uttar Pradesh is the 26th safest place to visit in India, but is it really true? Most of us would doubt that by a large margin if you have been to Uttar Pradesh. The fear as you enter the state and living there is really huge.

I lived in the developed area of Greater Noida yet there was fear among locals as well to roam around at the middle of the night even traffic police used to be active during the night. The main reason for the fear was of the locals and thiefs people who used to rob people in the middle of the day as well as night. Same is the case in other parts of the state as well as heard by the witnesses of crime.

Some blame the increase in the population as a reason for increased crime yet it doesn’t justify that it is the only cause of violence, because maintaining law and order is the only way to control crimes be it cognizable or non-cognizable.

Police also excuses their inability to maintain law and order by explaining that the crime figures should be seen in context of the population.


Here’s a list of 5 top gangsters of UP of recent times

There is no doubt that the Yogi government has started hunting gangsters of Uttar Pradesh and due to the fear many of the gangsters have surrendered themselves due to the fear of encounter yet some remain out roaming around with vast criminal backgrounds. One of the biggest examples is Vikas Dubey.

I have also listed 5 top gangsters of Uttar Pradesh and those include: 

Munna Bajrangi

Very few people must have known about Munna Bajrangi, the gangster of UP who was Jaunpur entered the criminal world with just a 250₹ desi Katta (country-made firearm) and made his net worth in crores.

He was the main shooter of Mukhtar Ansari’s gang and the impact of his terror was also felt among the police. He murdered a person at the age of 14 and in 2005 he became famous when he killed BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai, shooting around 400 bullets at him.

At the time of his death in 2018, where he was killed there were more than 40 cases registered against his name for murder and extortion cases. 

Mukhtar Ansari

Gangster turned politician Mukhtar Ansari was originally a member of Makhanu Singh gang. He won assembly seats from Uttar Pradesh despite being a known gangster and was the main accused in Krishnanand Rai murder for which he spent more than 13 years in jail before the witnesses against him turned hostile.

Originally, he fought for the BSP party and later started his own party named “Quami Ekta Dal” and won a seat in the assembly.

Brijesh Singh

Another one of the gangsters of Purvanchal, Uttar Pradesh. Brijesh Singh was a gang leader of Mukhtar Singh’s opposition. The story of Mukhtar Singh looks like the movie “Gangs of wasseypur”. He entered the crime world after the death of his father for revenge.

He was an intelligent student of his class but the murder of his father made him change his life. He killed 6 persons involved in the murder of his father and started his gang from the jail.

He started many illegal works and soon his terror spread in the area. Due to weakening of his gang, he fled to Mumbai and is alleged to have worked with Dawood Ibrahim.

Brijesh Singh

A top gangster born in Tikri, Uttar Pradesh Sunil Rathi also entered in the criminal world after the murder of his father. He took revenge on his father by killing opposition and his terror was felt in the area. 

His mother has been a panchayat Chairman of the village and is also a member of his gang participating in many criminal acts along with his son and is now serving in jail.

Sunil Rathi is a known gangster of UP and Uttarakhand. He is known to be a mastermind behind the firing on Cheenu Pandit while he was being released from the jail. 

Sunil Rathi is currently serving in jail and is known to be the murderer of Munna Bajrangi in the jail.

Atique Ahmed

He is also one of the top gangsters who turned into a politician and still hasn’t changed his life and still uses Bahubali after his name. He has been booked under many criminal charges and has an impact in Allahabad, Kanpur, Lucknow and many other cities.

He committed his first crime at the age of 17 and hasn’t looked back since then. He has been booked under 44 criminal charges and one of them remains the murder of BJP MLA Raju Pal.

In an affidavit in 2014, he claimed that all the charges against him have been cleared and in 2016, he was again arrested for assaulting the staff of Sam Higginbottom University in Allahabad for debarring two students.


Reasons of increased Crime Rate in Uttar Pradesh

Although, we may think of many reasons and yet there may be more due to which a person enters the criminal world. Here, I have researched and listed some of the common reasons for the uncontrollable crime rate in Uttar Pradesh which may also be the reason for crimes in other states as well.


Education plays a very important role in controlling crimes. A well-educated person will never choose to be a part of a criminal world and yet some go under some circumstances. To be fair the education system of UP isn’t fair for the youth and board marks are not up to the mark with the continuous use of unfair means in the exams and this won’t bear proper fruits at the end.


population index of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has the fourth largest state of India with an estimated population of around 23 crores ranking 1st in India. Furthermore, the UP police are not capable of maintaining law and order in the state with its existing facility and staff.

In terms of area, Uttar Pradesh so large that it is almost equal to the United Kingdom and thus, maintaining law and order is not easy because it requires proper police and government which works together towards the goal which Uttar Pradesh lacks.

Divided people

Unity has been a root cause of most of the problems in India. Almost every village/town/city is divided within themselves in the name of religion, caste, colour, etc. And when a crack is established in a relationship, it takes a dangerous route.

Riots are the effects of this division and government also plays it to their benefit from those riots playing the victim card of beaten community.

During the time of Mughals, Britishers, and at present we were/are not united and thus, are encouraging ourselves to dig deeper for our own grave.

Even the politicians use it to their benefit by giving inflammable speeches resulting in increased hatred among communities which is sad to hear.


Governance in Uttar Pradesh has been under scrutiny for a long time to not work properly and maintain law and order. Basically, Uttar Pradesh is ruled by 2-3 families and they win the election based on casteism.

Different communities vote for their community parties and thus, after elections, only those communities mainly benefit from the government body.

This has been a problem for a long time as they are also accused of offering shields to high profile gangsters for their own benefits which results in open crimes all over the state.


Poverty rate of Uttar Pradesh

Poverty is the main reason for violence. Living in poverty all his/her life makes it frustrating in many ways which come out in the form of violence. It took me almost 3-4 years to realise the bad condition of the people living in UP.

No one wants such a life for themselves yet they are just helpless living away from the urbanization. Some places being just beside the main city area in much worse condition that no one can imagine.


The reservation was implemented in India temporarily for giving equal rights to the lower caste people who were ill-treated at that time. Today, the problem has increased due to reservation.

What was once implemented temporarily has caused serious problems for everyone including Uttar Pradesh. The reserved have become dependent while the deserved are left out.

This results in poor governance, poor infrastructure, staff in every department. Relieving India from this could cause riots and keeping it is making India hollow from inside.



The reason for the crime by a person could be due to many personal or professional reasons yet they are not helpful for anyone as it disturbs other’s lives in one way or other. Violence is not an answer as it just makes you unhealthy (in terms of character).

Uttar Pradesh is a victim of crime and violence be it white-collar crimes, cognizable or non-cognizable crimes. Relief from such crimes would take a lot of dedication by the government and police including citizens to stop such acts.

Controlling should be the foremost goal of every government agency of UP and Forensic science plays a huge role in the control of law because it proves the crimes and maintains law and order where police aren’t able to prove the guilt of the person.


What are your thoughts on the crime rate in Uttar Pradesh?

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