Research papers and review articles are a great way to add some achievements in your resume and UGC gives preference to those too. They are certified all over the world in all the institutions and also adds some experience.

But in the late, many journals have started making them a source of business and publish research papers and review articles at a cost of some amount of money. UGC has tried to keep these fraudsters away from the students and research scholars yet some have managed to escape from their grasp.

Two Months Ago, there was news that the Research papers published in pay-and-publish journals won’t be counted by the UGC panel as appropriate which was formed last year. UGC released a public notice on “academic integrity” and is intended to keep Indian academics away from these dubious publications and promote and focus on quality research in the country.

To keep the standard of researches intact, UGC has taken an initiative to take strict actions against non-authorized journals. Due to a shortage of quick publishing journals, they use time as a bait to publish the journals in no time for some money.

According to UGC, these journals don’t maintain the proper guidelines and thus, making the researches null and void. According to the UGC, these must not be even considered in colleges and universities for academic marks.

So, as a research scholar, it is your duty to stay away from these fraudsters who for some amount of money make your research worthless. The top paid journals like Omics, Science Domain, Austin, etc. are some of the other 1200 journals. Every year, U.G.C. launches a CARE UGC journal list for the publications of review and research articles. Do remain updated to these lists for your own benefits.

You can Verify or download the list of UGC- C.A.R.E. (Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics) List(in Science term) from their Official Website.



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