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12 Mass Murderers You Should Know About

12 Mass Murderers You Should Know About

The number of crimes and criminals are increasing day-by-day in every sphere of the world. Whether it is a town, village, or mega-city, crime is everywhere. The crime done by and on the individual level has not as much impact as the crime done in mass numbers. Although the crime rate is different in every state and country and keeps on changing with time, the crimes in the United States are of a big impact.

In this article, we are going to talk about serial killers or the mass murderers who had created large havoc. The definition of a mass murderer uses in different contexts and meanings in different fields. If simply speaking then, a mass murderer is someone who murders at least two or more people in a gathering or an event.

Mass Murderers of the World

1. Terry Lynn Nicholas

Born on 1st April, 1955 in Lapeer, Michigan, U.S, Terry Lynn Nicholas is an American domestic terrorist and an accomplice in the Oklahoma City bombing. Although, he was a shy person in his school and college times, was smart and intelligent enough and had the ambition to become a physician.

During his lifetime, he did many jobs like carpentry, real estate agent, ranch work, and farmer and also attended United States Army.

He was married to Lana Walsh and Marife Torres with whom he had three children in total. He always wanted to start his military organization with an unlimited supply of weapons. Timothy McVeigh soon became his close friend and companion during his military days. They both share anti-racial government and political views.

According to his neighbors, he attended meetings of anti-social group and experimented with explosives. He renounced his US citizenship, and his driver’s license and avoid responsibility to pay his credit card bills. It was the time of September 22, 1994, when they both executed their plan.

They rented a storage shed and began gatherings for the truck bomb. They stole dynamite, blasting caps, and robbed a gun dealer. They also purchased ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Later, he was arrested and charged with life imprisonment.

2. Vladislav Chelakh

Got the life imprisonment on December 11, 2012, for killing 14 soldiers and a hunt man on 27th and 28th May, 2012 in Arkankergen, Kazakhstan. Arkankergen is the post at the Kazakhstan-Chinese border near the village, Usharal.

At that time, Vladislav Chelakh was a 19-year-old soldier in that post. On the night of incident, the communication channels were lost and to check everything the police went up where they found burned quarters and 15 half burned dead bodies of the soldiers.

During the investigation, everyone put their possible causes and thought that it could be a terrorist attack or the attack between the soldiers themselves. It was also thought that the killings could be done by the smugglers but, everyone’s doubt cleared after Chelakh got arrested.

He first confessed to his crime but later on, denied all his doings and claimed to be innocent. His mother was in great support of his son, who could not believe the fact that his son could kill several people. The reason behind all the killings was the bullying of Vladislav Chelakh by other soldiers, as he was the only ethnic Russian soldier.

He was charged with the allegations of murder, theft, extortion, illegal use of weapons, and damaging military equipment along with many others. His mother confessed that there was not a single lawyer who was ready to take his case and, those ready were demanding $2000 per month.

3. Patrick Sherrill

Born in Watonga, Oklahoma, U.S, Patrick Henry Sherrill had served in U.S. Marine Corps and, was a member of the National Guard Pistol Team. Being considered an expert marksman, he was the mastermind behind 14 killings and injured 6 more persons in Edmond, Oklahoma, United States.

The mastermind of the mass shooting in the U.S. was a relief carrier, with whom everyone had a different perspective. Some claimed him to be a perfect coworker who did his job with responsibility but, some said that he was an irritable person.

In a gathering of 100 people, he killed 14, who died on the spot along with 6 others who received critical wounds and got hospitalized. His main victims were his two supervisors Richard Esser, Jr. and Bill Bland along with Paul Michael Rockne. He killed Esser, who verbally disciplined him, and Bland, who reprimanded him. The violence ended when he shot himself too.

4. Hazaa Sharman

Hazaa Sharman was a mentally ill retired army officer who made the beautiful day of a wedding into hell in Yemen. Being a father of the bride, he killed eight women and four children with the grenades. He also injured eighteen others including, women and children. September 26, 2016, was a very bad day for all the people in the gathering. One of the relatives said that Hazaa was disturbed by something. After the incident he committed suicide at last.

5. Bobomurad Ismatov

A Tajik soldier by profession, he killed 12 people, including 4 children in a wedding ceremony. He wounded at least 28 people with a hand grenade at Kulyab, Tajikistan on February 6, 1994. He claimed that he argued with his wife, due to which, he throw one grenade at her and, committed suicide with the second one. It was revealed from the investigation that he was in charge of a food depot in the city.

Although the actual reason is not known for their argument, they were the guests at the wedding. The man destroyed the lives of so many people along with himself. His background is also unknown with just minor details.

6. Andrew Philip Kehoe

Born on February 1st, 1872, in Tecumseh, Michigan, U.S. to Philip Kehoe and Mary Kehoe, he studied electrical engineering at Michigan State University. During the time he was away with his father, working as an electrician, his mother died. His second mother, Frances Wilder, also died burning in flames with the stove on 17th September, 1911. He married his college partner, Nellie Price in 1912 after returning to Michigan.

According to his neighbors, he was an intelligent man who always tried new and unique techniques on his farm. Although being smart and intelligent, he was also impatient, who lashes out at anybody on pity things. He was the sort of person who held grudges against the other person for a very long time.

He was elected as the treasurer of Bath School due to his talent in thrift. He always presented his point of view, fought for lower texas, and voted against the other board members. He was also elected as a clerk for a short time. In spring 1926, he was defeated by the position of treasurer and, Ellsworth, his neighbor, was planning his murder.

Disgruntled after losing his position, he decided to take revenge, and in the process killed many innocents. On 18th May 1927, in Bath Township, Michigan, Andrew killed 45 people and injured 58 others. Most of the victims were children from the second to sixth grade. Before the killing in the school building, he also killed her wife and moved her body to a farm building.

He had secretly planted ignited dynamites and pounds of pyrotol at the school basement for the killing. After the mass attack, he killed himself too, injuring many others. During the investigation, it was found that he was a farmer and the school board member and treasurer. One of his sisters claimed his remains along with his wife.

7. Mao Zedong

Burned 46000 soldiers alive and killed approximately 65 million Chinese, Mao Zedong is the scariest mass murderer of the 20th century. In his attempt to create a new socialist China, he killed many innocents. His worst contribution in human history included misdistribution of food, disastrous farming methods, and grain production.

Due to his behavior and cyber attack, Google said that it is reconsidering its operations in China as they had claimed to have been addressed with the hacking style China is employing in the US.

8. Li Baoping

Revenge can make a man do anything!!!

And that was proven with the series of murders by Li Baoping. A truck driver by profession, he killed 21 people and injured 29 others in the Yingshouyingzi mining District of Chengde on July 12, 1983, due to his dissatisfaction with his unit’s leadership.

He stole a truck, loaded it with cement, and crashed it into the other trucks when the staff members were returning after watching the theatre at around 9:30. Although he fled from the crime scene, abandoning the vehicle, he was arrested the following morning and sent for at Chengde District Intermediate People’s Court.

He was sentenced to death, and deprived of any political rights for life on July 30, the same year. He also filed an appeal case to the Higher People’s Court Of Hebei Province which was dismissed later.

9. Vladimir Tatarnikov Georgievich

Love can make a person gentleman or a devil !!!

Vladimir Tatarnikov Georgievich became a devil who killed innocent students along with the teacher, he loved. The military man killed the teacher to take revenge after being rejected for the love proposal. Vladimir couldn’t handle rejection and went on a kill spree when he exploded the school with a bomb.

That was a very heinous act committed in which 21 innocent students and a male head teacher of the school became the target of the explosion on April 2nd, 1950, in the small Moldovan village of Giska, located in the Transnistria city of Bender.

The information about the explosion and the killer remained unknown for a very long time. Only half a century later, the eyewitnesses, who survived the explosion, started to recollect the memory and the information yet there are some things that are unknown to everyone.

It first started with attraction and love but, soon transformed into quarrels, jealousy, and anger, which led him to take this step, eventually killing himself too. He was a tall and retired military man, who met the pretty Natalia Donich who was a widow and mother to a single child. They soon started dating each other.

The neighbors and the surviving witnesses recollected that everyone loved her but on the contrary, he was not a friendly person and was silent. Their relationship was smooth for some time but, he soon started being jealous of her, which led to the quarrels. She soon got to know about his wife and a son and, decided to part ways with him. From then onwards, he made up his mind to kill her.

Before the school incident, he attempted to kill her by inviting her to the feast but, she did not come, leading him to opt for the school explosion. Before the explosion, he posted some mails to his wife, claiming that he is going to suicide, and, detonated a homemade bomb on the school premises, making that day a hell.

10. DeWayne Antonio Craddock

On May 31, 2019, a mass shooting occurred at a municipal building in the Princess Anne area of Virginia Beach, Virginia. He shot 12 people and wounded four others and, was shot dead by the police officers. He was the 40-year-old engineer in the building who had some physical altercations with other employees.

Craddock graduated from Denbigh High School in 1996 and, served in the Virginia Army National Guard in Norfolk as a cannon crew member from 1996 to 2002. In 2002, he graduated from Old Dominion University with a degree in civil engineering.

The building housed the city’s public works and had the entry just with the security passes. It was revealed during the investigation that Craddock resigned from the department a few hours before the attack.

Disgruntled with the other employees and his work, he decided to kill his colleagues. The employees of the building got the security alert about the shooting but, they could not escape the place due to the construction work. Two semi-automatic pistols, suppressors, and many magazines were found at the scene.

12 people were killed in the mass shooting, including a city contractor and several employees of the building. Four people were injured and hospitalized with three in critical condition. Other than these people, a police officer was also shot in his ballistic vest.

11. Omar Mir Siddique

Born on November 16, 1986, at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, New York, to Afghan parents, he soon got U.S. citizenship. Siddique served as a secret informant in the FBI from January 2005 to June 2016. He acquired an Associate of Science degree and, worked in many restaurants and local stores.

He began working as a recruit for the Florida Department of Corrections and, then worked for a British-based security firm from September 2007 until his death, after being dismissed from the Florida Department of Corrections.

Two weeks before the shooting, he purchased Sig Sauer SIG MCX semi-automatic rifle, a 9mm Glock 17 handgun, two firearms, and body armor. On June 12, 2016, he started shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando Florida, killing 49 people and wounding 53 others. It was considered one of the deadliest mass shootings by a single shooter.

After the shooting, he called 911 and News 13, identifying himself as the shooter. From his Facebook post, it was proven that he was in the favor and support of the Islamic State and the Muslims. Plus, he felt bad and sorry to see Muslim people killed by the attacks of U.S. and Russia in Middle east. He was shot dead when the police arrived.

12. Robert Speck

On July 13, 1966, he murdered eight student nurses in Chicago’s Jeffrey Manor. His victims included Gloria Davy, Patricia Matusek, Nina Jo Schmale, Pamela Wilkening, Suzanne Farris, Mary Ann Jordan, Merlita Gargullo, and Valentina Pasion. He claimed that he was drunk and on high drugs, which led him to commit the crime.

His motive was a simple house burglary but bad things led him to claim the eight innocent lives.

He held all the women in a room for hours, stabbing and strangling each to death eventually raping his last victim, 22-year-old Gloria Davy. Corazon Amurao could have been his ninth victim had she not fled from crime scene. He was arrested at Cook County Hospital after he tried to commit suicide.

During the investigation and trials, it was revealed he had an obsessive-compulsive personality and Madonna-prostitute attitude toward women. He was also diagnosed with organic brain syndrome. In the courtroom, Amurao pointed her finger at him to identify him as the killer of her friends.

At first, he was sentenced to death by electrocution on electric chair but, granted an immediate stay pending automatic appeal. On November 21, 1972, he was re-sentenced from 400 to 1200 years in prison. He was described as a birdman and a person who has nothing to do with anything. His request from the warden included new shirts, a radio, and other mundane items.

On December 5, 1991, he was transported to Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet, Illinois after complaining of severe chest pains. The doctor later stated that an enlarged heart, emphysema, and logged arteries led to his heart failure.


Mass murders are in news every now and then and not just in few countries but around the world be it one person or an organization. The motive of such crimes could be revenge, psychological, profitable, personal, etc.

Even the peaceful countries like New Zealand and Australia in recent years witnessed mass murder where individuals started shooting randomly on innocent citizens.

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