United Kingdom being one of the developed countries is expected to have a controlled as well as low level of rate of crime due to its strict laws. However, the crime rate in UK is moderate and is increasing in the recent years as per the statistics.

The most common crimes in UK are Homicide, Robbery, Burglary, Domestic Abuse, Crimes against society, etc. UK has very strict laws against these crimes and yet these crimes keep increasing with time and so this was the case in the year 2022.

Here, in this article, I have made a list of 12 crimes of United Kingdom that shocked the society and the people.

12 Crimes That Shocked UK in 2022

1. Yasmin Chkaifi Murder

Yasmin Chkaifi was a 43 years old Moroccan childminder, who got stabbed to death on 24th January 2022 at Chippenham Road, Maida Vale, by her ex-partner Leon McCaskre (41).

After few minutes of the murder, the perpetrator McCaskre was killed by an unknown 26 years old stranger who drove his car into McCaskre.

The police arrested the car driver on a suspicion of murder and later bailed him. In fact, the police said that no further actions will be taken against him.

The police reported that McCaskre had an arrest warrant against him for three weeks ago from the murder, breaching a restraining order.

Also it has been reported that Yasmin was facing threats of murder since long time after she separated from his abusive husband McCaskre.

2. Bermondsey Stabbing

Samantha Drummonds (27), her mother Tanysha Drummonds (45), grandmother Dolet Hill (64), and Ms Hill’s partner Denton Burke (68) were found dead on 25th April 2022 at their Bermondsey based home in South-East London.

The neighbours heard the screams from the house and called the police. When the police reached the scene they found four dead bodies inside the house with multiple stab wounds.

When the police conducted a search in the house, they found a 28 year old man, Joshua Jacques hiding naked in the upstairs bathroom where he was tasered during his arrest and taken into custody.

During the trials, he admitted manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility, but the prosecution indicated that the plea to the lesser offence would not be accepted by the Crown and the case would go to trial.

According to police, Jacques was Samantha’s boyfriend, who met her family few days before the murders.

3. Rapper ‘Hypo’ Murder Case

The London rapper Lamar Jackson, ‘Hypo’ (32), was stabbed to death at a Jubilee party on 3rd June 2022, at Woodford Town FC in east London.

Paramedics were called to a party in Chigwell Road at 12:10 am after a fight broke out, where they found Hypo with stab wounds. Despite efforts to save him, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Till now no arrests have been made in the case and the police has requested the people at the party to help them if they have any information about the incident. They also believed that the incident must have been recorded in the people’s phone. They have appealed them to check their phones and contact them.

Laurie John-Phillip (39), was working as a bouncer at Woodford Town football club on the night, has been arrested for stabbing Hypo. However, he denied the crime when he showed up at the Old Bailey.

4. Zara Aleena Murder Case

Zara Aleena (35) was a court official, who was murdered brutally by Jordan McSweeney (29), in Ilford, east London.

On 26th June 2022, Aleena was moving on the Cranbrook Road in the direction of Gants Hill Station, when McSweeney grabbed her from behind, pulled from the street, dragged on to a driveway and sexually assaulted her.

After the attack, he left Aleena on the street with significant injuries. Aleena died in the hospital the same morning. The autopsy of Aleena revealed that she suffered 46 separate injuries, including severe blunt-force trauma to her head, deep lacerations to her scalp, bruising to her lips, eyes, nose and jaw and genital injuries.

In November, the Central Criminal Court punished McSweeney with life imprisonment of minimum 38 years for murder and four years imprisonment for sexual assault.

5. Logan Mwangi Murder

Logan Mwangi, a 5 year old boy, who was murdered by a 13 year old Craig Mulligan in July 2021. Logan was living with his mother Angharad Williamson and step father John Cole in Sarn, Bridgend, South Wales.

On 21st July 2021, Logan was tested positive for COVID-19 and was under isolation period inside the home. However, after few days he went missing from the house.

Concerned about her son Williamson called the police and a search was conducted. He was found dead on 31st July 2021, in the River Ogmore, South Wales, with multiple injuries on his body. The forensic pathologists recognized 63 external injuries with damaged internal organs.

Cole, Williamson and Mulligan were all arrested on suspicion of murder on the day after the discovery of Logan’s body. However, they denied the act but the evidence proved their involvement in the crime.

All of them were found guilty in April 2022 and sentenced to imprisonment for 28, 29 and 15 years respectively.

Mulligan has been revealed as one of Britain’s youngest killers who had a history of “cruel” attacks on young children, vulnerable adults and small animals and was trained in martial arts.

6. Olivia Pratt-Korbel Murder

Olivia Pratt-Korbel, a 9 years old girl was mistakenly shot dead at the doorsteps of her house on 22nd August 2022.

According to the reports, the incident happened when Olivia’s mother after some disturbances outside their house opened the doors. A man forced himself to enter the house in order to save himself from an unknown gunman.

At that time, Olivia was standing behind her mother. When the man was trying to enter the house, an unknown gunman, wearing a ski-mask reached there and fired four shots at the doorsteps.

One of the shots hit the wrist of Olivia’s mother and then entered into the Olivia’s body, leading to her death.

As per the reports, the attack was intended to the 35 years old man who is a convicted criminal for drug dealing and burglary as well as well established organised crime group member.

Next day, the man was arrested for breaching his license conditions. Then on 1st october, a 34 year old man was charged with the murder, two counts of attempted murder as well as two counts of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

However, the 34 years old man has pleaded “not guilty” for Olivia’s murder and will be tried in March next year.

7. “Pure Evil”- Murderer of 18-years-old Lily Sullivan

Lily Sullivan, a 18 years old girl was murdered by a man after they met in the nightclub in Pembroke, West Wales, on 26th December 2021.

Lewis Haines, a 31 years old man and father of one killed Lily just because she refused to have sexual intercourse with him.

Haines forcibly removed Lily Sullivan’s top and strangled her before pushing her into the Mill Pond in Pembroke.

According to the reports, the pair met for the first time in the nightclub in Pembroke on the evening of 16 December last year. In the early hours of the next morning they left the club and Haines shepherded Sullivan to an unlit secluded alley leading to the Mill Pond. 

Lily’s mother Anna Sullivan was talking to her daughter on phone when the attacks on Lily started and the phone line went dead. She tried to contact her but couldn’t make it.

During the trials on 26th August 2022, at Swansea crown court, Haines admitted murdering Sullivan but denied it was a sexually motivated attack. However, the judge found that “sexual conduct” was involved and said that Haines will serve 23 years and 4 months of imprisonment.

Lily’s mother called him the “Pure Evil” as he killed her only daughter, which she got after 14 miscarriages.

8. Dover Firebomb Attack

A petrol bomb attack was perpetrated on 24th October 2022 by a 66-year-old man on the Border Force centre for processing migrants in Dover, Kent, England.

It has been reported that the perpetrator drove a white Seat Tarraco to the Border Force Centre and threw 2-3 petrol bombs at the complex, which injured two people. However, the injuries were not severe as one of the bombs didn’t explode.

Then the perpetrator flew from the scene and drove to a nearby petrol station, where he killed himself by knotting a noose around his neck and attaching the rope to a nearby pole.

According to the Kent Police, the attack was likely a hate attack, driven by a right-wing ideology, as the suspect posted rants on Facebook against Muslims, asylum seekers, China, and COVID-19.

The Counter Terrorism Police South East conducted the investigation for the attack and concluded that the culprit was motivated by a terrorist ideology.

9. Triple Shooting of Ilford

On the morning of 25th October 2022, sounds of gunshot were heard by the neighbours in one of the streets of Henley Road, Ilford.

When the people came out of their homes, they saw three people lying on the road bleeding and called the police. Police reached the scene and found two people dead and one critically injured.

The victims included a 23 year old man who was dead on the scene, a 30 years old man who died shortly after the police reached and a man in his early 30s who suffered critical injuries and was treated at a hospital.

One of the neighbours told the police that when she heard the gunshots, she thought that it was the sound from the fireworks of Diwali celebration in the neighbourhood. But after some time she heard the screams of people and hence came to know about the fight and gunshot fire.

There have been no arrests yet and the investigation is still ongoing.

10. David Fuller- The Murderer and Necrophile

David Fuller, a 68 years old man from Kent have been serving life imprisonment in HMP Frankland.

He had been convicted in 2021 for the murders of Wendy Knell (25), and Caroline Pierce (20) whom he strangled and sexually assaulted after breaking into their homes, months apart in 1987, in Royal Tunbridge, Kent.

Police discovered a library of images of Fuller attacking corpses when officers searched his three bedroom semi-detached home in the town of Heathfield, East Sussex, where he lived with his family. The victims included a nine-year-old girl, two 16-year-olds and a 100-year-old woman.

On 3rd November 2022, he had been convicted to 12 counts of sexual penetration of a corpse and four counts of possession of extreme pornography between 2007 and 2020. He has also admitted sexually abusing 23 dead women in hospital mortuaries.

He had pleaded guilty for 51 of those offences, including 44 charges relating to 78 victims in mortuaries between 2008 and November 2020.

11. Ana Beatriz Murder

In Brazil on 9th December 2022, a man named Marcelo de Souza Santos stabbed his former Partner Ana Beatriz Ramos da Silva to death infront of their three children.

The couple has three children, and one of them (aged 9) ran outside the home shouting “My mother is dead! My father killed my mother!”

Then on 15th December Santos surrendered himself to the Police in Belford Roxo, Rio de Janeiro state. He has been taken into police custody and is waiting for the hearings.

It has been reported that Ana Beatriz had been in a relationship with Santos for nine years but she had broken up with him in August because of his violent behaviour.

In fact, earlier Ana had told police of Santos’ behaviour and there was a restraining order in place. But Santos was allegedly unhappy with the separation and had refused to accept it.

According to the victim’s family Santos had a history of violence against women and he had previously breached restraining orders taken out by their late relative.

12. Dad Killed His Four Children

On 15th December, a 28 years old Brazilian man, David da Silva Lemos, killed his four children to take revenge from their mother.

Lemos mercilessly killed his four kids-  Kimberlly (3 years), Giovanna (6 years), Donavan (8 years), and Yasmin (11 years), with pillow and knife in his home in Alvorada, southern Brazil.

He confessed to the police that he had plied the children with a ‘tea’ to pacify them, before suffocating them with a pillow and stabbing them with a knife. 

According to the children’s grandmother, Lemos killed the children to get “revenge” on their mother, from whom he had recently split, because of his violent behaviour.

Lemos was arrested by the police in a hotel in neighboring Porto Alegre the next day.

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