Australia is known as one of the countries with a low crime rate and is always a shocker to see when there is a huge case on the headlines coming from Australia any time of the year.

There are a lot of crimes happening daily and some are a lot worse than the other. Here, in this article, I have listed 10 shocking cases of Australia that stunned the society after hearing the news.

10 Shocking Cases of Australia

1. Cassius Turvey Case

Cassius Turvey, a 15 years old boy, was brutally beaten by a group of men in the street of Perth as a result of hate crime.

On 13th October, Cassius was coming back to home from the school with his friends through the streets. He and his friends were chased by a group of them in a utility vehicle, who verbally harassed them with racial slurs. Then few of them exited the vehicle and started beating the boys, alleging that Cassius had damaged one of the windows of the vehicle on a previous day.

One of them assaulted Cassius with a metal bar and machete, that injured him severely. He was taken to Perth Children’s Hospital after the attack and died 10 days later due to his injuries.

This created outrage in the country and led to the various marches and vigils to commemorate the boy’s life and raise awareness of racism in Australia.

The police has held one of the attackers in the case, who is a 21 years old boy. Cassius’s family made the statement that the attackers knew he was a minor, school boy and they still assaulted him.

2. Heiress and Entrepreneur Accused of Child Sex

Savannah Daisley, a 45 years old Sydney heiress and lifestyle guru was charged with having sex with a 14-year-old boy multiple times. In May 2021, Daisley was alleged of having unlawful sex with the teenager on four occasions in a single day.

The police claimed that she had certain feelings and provided the boy with alcohol prior to allegedly having sex with the boy. Afterwards, she told him to stay quiet about the affair and stated it was a one-off occurrence.

The police legally tapped the phone of Daisley, where they found the chats that states the incident.

However the Sydney Downing Centre Local Court has granted bail to Daisley on 20th December, 2022 by stating that she was allegedly highly intoxicated at the time of the offences.

3. Woodchipper Murder Case

Bruce Saunders, 54, was murdered on a property north of Brisbane in November 2017.

It has been alleged that Sharon Graham, 61, asked Gregory Lee Roser, 63 and Peter Koenig to kill Saunders and make it look like an accident in a bid to claim her ex-partner’s $750,000 life insurance policy.

Roser killed Saunders by repeatedly hitting him with a metal bar and both, Roser and Koenig carried the body to the nearby woodchipper. Koenig ensured that Saunder’s legs were exposed so it looked like an accident.

At the trials, this September, the court heard that Graham has been accused of being in a “love quadrangle” with Roser, Koenig and Saunders, plotting the latter’s murder for months.

However, Graham and Roser have pleaded not guilty to murder and Koenig denied he murdered Saunders. All the three are on trials right now.

4. Bogie Farm Massacre

On 4th August 2022, the tiny town of Bogie in Queensland’s Whitsunday region was rocked by the alleged “execution style” shootings of Mervyn Schwarz(71), his wife Maree(59), and her son Graham Tighe(35).

The only survivor of the horror ordeal was Mr. Tighe’s brother, Ross, who managed to drive 40 km to alert the police after allegedly being shot in the stomach.

The family had just moved into the sprawling $10 million property a year ago, and had allegedly been locked in arguments with their neighbour Darryl Young about a fence boundary.

The family and Young decided to discuss the dispute on the morning of August 4, which is when the accused allegedly shot all four members with a rifle, killing three and leaving one seriously injured. 

The 59-year-old Young was charged with three counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. He is on trials right now.

5. ‘Brownie’ Ahmad Murder Case

Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad, 39, an underworld Sydney Gangster was murdered on April 27, 2022, outside an associate’s home in Greenacre.

Ahmad fled to Lebanon in 2016 when a warrant for his arrest was issued for the murder of Safwan Charbaji at a smash repair business in Condell Park that year.

He was arrested in 2017 when he returned to Australia and, after pleading guilty in 2020 to Charbaji’s manslaughter, was jailed. He was released on parole late last year.

Police warned Ahmad a week prior to his death that he was in danger and that there was a $1 million underworld bounty for killing him.

Till now four accused have been arrested for the crime. Among all them, a man named Mr. Laria(49) had received a bank deposit of $1,000 with the description “job complete”. The other three men aged- 26, 29 and 37 along with Mr. Laria have been charged for murder and being presented before the court,

6. The Police Shooting of Wieambilla 

This is a devastating case of shooting where six people died, including two police officers, three suspects- Gareth Train, his wife Stacey Train and his brother Nathaniel Train, and one brave neighbour of the suspects- Alan Dare.

It was on 12th December 2022, when four police officers of Queensland police services went to conduct a check at the Wieambilla property, owned by Gareth Train and his wife Stacey, as part of an ongoing missing person case. 

As the officers approached the property, the perpetrators reported to be wearing camouflage opened fire. This fatally injured two officers- Matthew Arnold(26), and Rachel McCrow(29), while the other two officers escaped and were taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Two men and a woman were fatally shot during the confrontation shortly after some time the same day. One of the neighbour of perpetrators was also found with fatal gunshot wounds at the property.

A candlelit vigil was held in honour of the three victims in the nearby town of Chinchilla which was attended by one of the surviving officers. The president of Queensland Police Union while giving the details of the shootout said we’ve “never seen anything like this”.

7. Charlise Mutten Murder Case

Charlise Mutten a 9 years old girl was found dead in a barrel dumped on the banks of the Colo River after a five-day search of bushland, north-west of Sydney, in January this year.

Charlise was living with her maternal grandmother in Queensland and went to meet her mother Kallista Mutten, and her mother’s fiance, Justin Stein in New South Wales. But she went missing on 13th January from the wedding venue of her mother at Blue Mountains and her body was found on 18th January in a barrel.

Stein has been charged for Charlise’s murder as she was seen leaving with him in his car. Neighbours also told police that they saw a car leaving the resort without headlights at about 4:30 am on 14th January.

Charlise’s body was found with gunshot wound from a small-calibre firearm. Stein is under the custody of police and being tried in the court.

8. Outstation Murder-Suicide Case

On 17th July, 2022, three dead bodies were discovered at a homelands outstation north of Alice Springs. The dead includes a 41 years old man, a 30 years old woman and a 14 months old baby.

The police has been treating the deaths as a murder-suicide, with the man in possession of the gun. The investigation revealed that three dead were a family, who were victims of domestic violence.

It had been reported that the male victim had a history of causing domestic violence at the home. The sister of the female victim told the police that the man was physically violent to her and showed signs of coercive control.

Few days after the incident a candlelit vigil was conducted at Alice Springs with around one hundred people attending the event. At the vigil, gender-based violence specialist Rachel Neary described the woman who died as “a really great mum”.

9. Targeted Assassination of two Women

On 13th August 2022, two women named Lametta Fadlallah (48) and Amy Hazouri (39), died after a volley of bullets was fired into their car, while they were on a social night out in Sydney.

The police has described the crime as the targeted shooting, as they believed that Ms. Fadlallah was the target, who had criminal associations. While Hazouri, a hairdresser was an unrelated bystander and had met up with Ms. Fadlallah to do her hair.

The police has not arrested any suspect in the case and they are considering it as one of the gangs war attack.

10. The Chainsaw Assault

On 27th June 2022, Garry John Salter, a 37 years old man, violently slashed his neighbour Gregory Olijnyk (66) with a chainsaw.

Salter got into a confrontation with Mr. Olijnyk’s son Caleb outside their Burpengary East home, when Salter’s daughter was celebrating her 18th birthday with loud party.

During the ruckus, Salter attacked Caleb by hitting and biting him before kicking Mr. Olijnyk’s letterbox from the ground. He later returned with a battery-operated chainsaw and slashed Mr. Olijnyk between his right arm and the right side of his torso.

Salter had pleaded guilty to one count each of malicious act with intent and wilful damage as well as two counts of assault. However, According to Salter’s psychiatrist he did not remember attacking the victims with the chainsaw.

The psychiatrist told the court that Salter had a significant history of substance abuse, dating back to his childhood, and mental health difficulties, including chronic anxiety and depression. He has claimed that he acted on impulse also penned a letter of apology in which he wished he could “take it back” and asked for forgiveness.

He had been sentenced to six years jail by the District Court.

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