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M. Jaishankar: The Terror of Psycho Shankar That Traumatized Civilians

M. Jaishankar: The Terror of Psycho Shankar That Traumatized Civilians

On 19 September 2009, the dead body of Lady police constable M. Jayamani was found from a drain near Kangeyam. The police and the public were equally shocked to discover that the country is not safe even for a police constable.

Upon postmortem, they discovered that she was raped before being killed brutally. She had wounds that appeared similar to those created by machetes. However vaginal swabs obtained did not contain enough traces of DNA which could have been taken for a less proximate DNA matching run.

It was not much time until further people started reporting finding various women dead in peculiar drains or graveyards. The highway between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka soon became an area of terror for numerous women.

First Arrest of M. Jaishankar

After the death of the constable, Jayamani, 12 more women were murdered. In all the cases they were raped. Police set up a search troop band coordinating between the southern states where the deaths occurred i.e., in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh. They also alerted Goa and Maharashtra and everyone was requested to treat him as a dangerous person.

In the same year around November, near Salem highway, a woman was raped. But this time she was not dead, instead, she escaped and ran to the nearest police station. It was then that the police finally found who the actual culprit was and arrested Jaishankar.

The discoveries about Jaishankar were not amidst regular rape cases. He had an acquaintance named P Mohan Selvam. Both of them were charged with the murders of M.Jayamani and the twelve women who were found dead and raped.

Mohan however confessed to the police that his duty was to just lure the women or sometimes make sure nobody was watching their crime spree.

Modus Operandi of the Crimes

Jaishankar always carried a black handbag with him. Inside which he used to carry a machete which he used to kill people. He along with Mohan would be traveling via highway often, as he was a truck driver. Later they would stop by any house where it was mostly deserted.

If any woman passes by, they would lure her using a gag and would rape and later kill using the machete and carry the body to dump it near any clearings on the way.

He traveled killing people around Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh mainly as he often drove his truck through these paths to export goods.

Early Life of M. Jaishankar

Jaishankar was born in 1977 at Kanniyapatti in Salem district, Tamil Nadu. He was the only child of Maari Muthu who was also a truck driver. He had married somewhere around the 2000s and had three daughters. He started his career as a farmer initially and later moved on to work as a truck driver.

1st Escape from Prison

He was arrested along with his acquaintance by the Tirupur police on 19 October 2009. He was jailed at the Coimbatore Central Prison. By this time, he had been charged with 13 separate counts of rape and murder in Tiruppur, Salem, and Dharmapuri. While remanded in custody, he revealed that he enjoyed torturing women before raping and killing them.

On 17 March 2011, Jaishankar was taken to a fast track court in Dharmapuri for a murder case trial. The next day they were returning him to Coimbatore. Two police constables M.Chinnaswamy and Raghavelu were assigned to escort him back. However, despite the strong security, he managed to escape around 9:30 pm at the Salem bus stand.

Crimes Thereafter and Further Prison Life

After the escape, he shifted his crime area only to Karnataka. Around 10 women were raped and killed at Bellary. He soon was taken by the ecstasy of killing gaining confidence murder after murder. His cellphones were traced to Delhi and then back to Mumbai however in Mumbai the phone stopped working.

It was later discovered that he had abandoned his phone somewhere in a truck and the truck traveled from Delhi to Mumbai. All the while he was in Karnataka.

By May 2011, the police had put up wanted posters seeking information about Jaishankar, in public places across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. On the night of 4 May 2011, Jaishankar reached Elagi village in Karnataka, on a stolen motorcycle.

There he approached a woman who was working in a field alone and asked her for food and water. While she was leaving the field to get water he tried to rape her. But this time he was careless enough to loosen the grip and she escaped. The woman immediately called out for her husband and they called the police.

Even though Jaishankar tried to escape, he was caught. He was immediately handed over to Chitradurga police and transferred to Parappana Agrahara jail in Bangalore. After that, he escaped twice, and with the third escape while jumping from the police building he fractured his leg.

He did not contact any family members however a police informant managed to get in touch with him offering him means of transport. With the informant’s help, he was arrested again in the year 2013. He was moved to Central Prison in Bangalore and was treated at Victoria Hospital for his leg fracture.

He had a special prison with heavy security and CCTV observance. He still tried escaping which was not successful. Two days after that on 27 February 2018 he committed suicide by slitting his throat using a broken blade that he obtained from a barber the day prior.

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