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Terrifying Story of a Cape Intruder That Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

Terrifying Story of a Cape Intruder That Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

‘Cape Intruder’ is among the most mysterious cases that was encountered in Cape Elizabeth, USA. It was in the year 2005, when the people of an idyllic town on the coast of Maine, were rattled. 

The residents of Maine came across the chilling experience of a creepy cape intruder. The intruder was a young man who started sneaking into people’s homes and watching them sleep. Nothing was ever broken or stolen and no one was ever attacked or even touched – at least not to their knowledge. All that he took was their privacy when he snuck into their bedrooms to watch them sleep. 

During the night, victims who kept their doors unlocked, would wake up in the morning to catch a brief glimpse of a man staring at them. Before they could react, the man would flee the scene, leaving the house just as it was before he entered it. This left the whole community to live in fear and sleep with one eye open.

This incident was reported to the local police who with the help of the victims developed a sketch of the intruder. The sketch was published in the local media which depicted a portrait of a man aged in his 20s. 

Everybody seemed to think they knew who it was and the police received a number of calls from concerned citizens naming possible suspects. Two people even named the same person, but after a spate of intrusions in August, December and February the incidents stopped. Perhaps he had his fill of staring at sleeping bodies during that time period. 

When the cape intruder was active, a watch group was set up by the local people of the targeted area. Several meetings were conducted with the local police regarding the same matter. The police assured people that few people have recognized the intruder and they were following the leads. However, the culprit was never caught and the people lived in terror for a brief period of time.

Fortunately, the incident suddenly stopped and no complaint was filed. But it is still a mystery that- who might be that cape intruder and why did he do such creepy acts.

There have been many mysterious cases but this case is considered as one of the creepiest one. 

There is not much information about this incident as limited leads were there which can proceed the investigation and also this is the reason that the case is still a mystery.

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