Family Members Murdered and Buried in a Pit By Teenager in Tripura

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Family Members Murdered and Buried in a Pit By Teenager in Tripura
A Tripura Teenage Boy killed his Family Members and Buried them in a Pit

In a gruesome murder case, a teenaged boy killed four members of his family, including mother and sister, in Tripura’s Dhalai district.

The teenager Supriya Debnath is a 15 years old boy who killed his grandfather Badal Debnath (70 years old), mother Samita Debnath (32 years old), sister Suparna Debnath (10years old) and an aunt Rekha Deb (42 years old) and buried all of them in a pit near the courtyard of his house.

According to the police, Supriya used a blunt weapon to kill the victims, when all of them were sleeping in the midnight. He is also alleged to have played loud music while committing the murders to hide the victims’ screams.

It has been informed to police that the boy was addicted to watching television and loved crime investigation shows and online games. He is a student of class nine and a narcotic drug addict.

The accused’s father Haradhan Debnath revealed that during COVID lockdown, his son got addicted to drugs. In fact during his school days three years ago, he was addicted to the liquor, sold near his school.

Mr. Haradhan told the police that in order to confine his son at home to disassociate him from the drug addiction, he provided him with a smartphone and cable connection at home but it has also ruined him psychologically.

Assistant inspector general of police Jyotishman Das Chowdhury said the boy was absconding after the incident. However, they have detained him and are yet to determine the motive behind the murder. He have confessed the murders and burying them.

One of the investigators said that although there has been a dispute over his continuous demand for money, the killing might not be for money. It seems that the accused was looking for the psychological satisfaction through violence because of his overexposure to the virtual crime scene and he carried out the murders in a planned manner.

It has been told that during interrogation on the first day the accused was stable and narrated the incident. He had the food but couldn’t sleep properly.

Later, the police will sketch the crime scene based on the confessions and corroborate the evidence of crime and the statements of the witnesses.

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