Suitcase With Human Remains Found in Faridabad

Suitcase With Human Remains Found in Faridabad

A trolly suitcase with human remains has been recovered by the police in the Aravalli hills area near Pali Road in Faridabad on Thursday.

According to police, the suitcase was found in the bushes near a check post which was noticed by passerby noticed the suitcase and found it suspicious and called the control room.

The police said that the person was killed somewhere else and only some mortal human remains were dumped at the location to avoid detection. Officers from Surajkund police station sent the body parts to the mortuary after a forensic team examined it.

One of the police officers told that the remains appears to be torso parts. It seems that the limbs, head and other parts had been decapitated. The remains are decomposed- Prima facie, it appears that a person was murdered elsewhere and a part of the body was dumped here to avoid identification.

The remains had been wrapped in a plastic bag and a sack. Two-three clothes and a belt were recovered near the suitcase. The entire forest area within the vicinity has been cordoned off and searched.

He said, “Forensic teams are collecting samples, which will be sent to the lab for identification and further DNA analysis. A post-mortem will shed more clarity”.

Faridabad police spokesperson, Sube Singh, said, “No identification has been done. The remains have been sent to civil hospital for the autopsy. We are checking CCTVs in the vicinity.”

A team from Delhi Police, suspecting that the body parts could be linked to the Shraddha Walkar murder case, also reached the spot.

However, later Assistant Commissioner Police (Mehrauli) Vinod Narang ruled out any possibility of those being linked to the Shraddha Walkar case.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Faridabad NIT) Narender Kadiyan said the body parts had been kept in the mortuary. But the human remains seem to be around two months old and it is not yet clear if the body was that of a man or a woman.

The forensic team has examined the remains and an FIR will be registered after the autopsy of the mortal remains.

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