Woman Poisoned Her Son’s Classmate For Defeating Her Son in Academics

Woman Poisoned Her Son’s Classmate For Defeating Her Son in Academics

In today’s competitive world every parent wants their children to be the first rank holder. Sadly this desire of a mother has led to the poisoning of an innocent boy who used to be the topper of the class.

On the occasion of Teacher’s day in India, an incident grabbed the attention of people where a woman was arrested for poisoning her son’s classmate for securing first position in academics in school. Her son secured second position in the class, but this was not acceptable to her so out of jealousy she decided to kill her son’s classmate.

The incident took place in Karaikal, Puducherry, where a 13 years old boy named Balamanikandan who was studying in class 8th at a private school in Nehru Nagar, Karaikal. The boy was excellent in academics and other co-curricular activities, which made him the first rank holder in the school.

However, the mother of one of his classmates, who stood second followed by him, could not bear the fact. Sahayarani Victoria is the mother of Balamanikandan’s classmate who was envious of him and poisoned him.

The police said that she reportedly combined poison with a cold drink and delivered it to the school security guard, requesting him to give it to Bala Manikandan. The woman reportedly told the guard that she is Manikandan’s relative and was apparently asked by Manikandan’s mother to give the bag of cold drinks to the guard. Believing this, the security guard handed over the drink to Manikandan who drank the refreshing beverage in the school.

Rajendran, father of Balamanikandan told the police that bala had gone to school on 3 September for the rehearsal of an annual day program to be held in school. When he returned home he started vomiting continuously.

When his mother asked if he had eaten something in the school he revealed that he drank a cool beverage at the school which the security guard handed him. Seeing the condition of their son the parents of Balamanikand rushed to the nearby hospital where he died during the treatment.

Meanwhile, the school notified the parents that Manikandan had received the drink that the parents had sent. On the other hand, the parents claimed that they did not provide their son Manikandan with a cool beverage for school.

When the parents asked the school watchman for more information, he responded that a person claiming to be a relative of Balamanikandan had asked him to give the drink to the student.

The police when informed they registered the case after the CCTV footage of the nearby area of school revealed the video of accused Victoria while giving the beverage to the security guard. She was arrested by the police on 5th September.

In the interrogation, Victoria admitted to the crime and confessed that she had decided to poison the teen as she could not bear the fact that Manikandan had been continuously outperforming her son academically.

She laced the beverage with poison and confided to the security guard that she is a relative of Balamanikand. She asked the guard to give the cool beverage to Balamanikand. Believing Victoria, the guard gave the beverage to Balamanikand which was consumed by the boy and made him feel uneasy.

Meanwhile, the woman has been jailed and the police are also attempting to determine whether the accused woman committed the crime on her own or with others.

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