Stepson Stitches Lips of Father and Tied with Railway Sleepers

Stepson Stitches Lips of Father and Tied with Railway Sleepers

In Jharkhand, Palamu district, a 65-year-old man was tied to the railway track by his stepson with his lips sewed together with a rope.

The shocking incident took place at Bhitihara village in Untari Road Block of Palamu district on Wednesday.

After receiving information from villagers, Bola Ram 65-year-old man, was rescued by police that a man is tied to the railway track near the Sigsigi cabin.

Bola Ram told police that on Tuesday night, when he had gone to the toilet, his stepson and two others attacked him. After beating him, the three men stitched his lips with a rope, tied his hands and legs, and took him to a nearby railway track.

According to Bola Ram, he was tied to railway sleepers around 11 P.M.

After receiving information, the police immediately arrived at the crime scene, rescued Bola Ram, and moved him to a hospital where doctors treated him removed the rope used to sew together his lips.

In its preliminary investigation, police found that the second wife of the accused was also behind the incident. In 2010 Bola Ram married her after the death of his first wife. There was trouble in their marriage, and the matter had come up before panchayat six months back.

The police said a case had been registered against the stepson. The case is under investigation.

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