Seized Jewelry In Hyderabad Finally Sent For Forensic Testing!

Seized Jewelry In Hyderabad Finally Sent For Forensic Testing!

Every year several people get arrested for the smuggling of ivory jewelry and products. Recently, the same case has attracted many people. Pawan Soni and Rothi Soni, two jewelry sellers in Hyderabad are arrested and some of their jewelry, particularly ivory jewellery are seized and sent for DNA and forensic testing to the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory for Conservation of Endangered Species (CCMB-LaCONES ).

Both the men got arrested after a sting operation was done by the forest department and Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) after they got to know that both of them were selling ivory jewelry on Facebook. During the sting operation, the officers seized 62 pieces of ivory jewelry from them which were then sent for testing.

Forest department officer Venkatiah Goud said that they were keeping an eye on both the men for about many months. As they have till now earned ₹8 lakh, they used to show fake jewelry or products in the place of genuine ones.

He also added that after testing it will be cleared whether the pieces of jewellery are extracted from elephant tusks or not. As they have not seen any elephant poaching, the officers are considering that the jewelry is brought from someone else but no one knows the exact truth.

Goud also told that the forest department has seized around 70 star tortoises some time ago in Secunderabad. As the trafficking of ivory jewellery seems to be increasing in the state, it will load over the forensic department. The officers also said that as the same cases are featured, again and again, it can lead to a huge trafficking case not only jewelry but animals too.

Section 9 of the Wild Life Protection Act is charged on both men and the officers are examining other states too like Rajasthan, West Bengal, and Coimbatore. As the number of ivory jewellery and products have increased in the domestic market, the trafficking can be linked abroad too. Everything will be cleared out after the report of DNA and forensic testing. But till then, everyone is just waiting.

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