Use of explosives for malicious intentions of destroying life and property is known for a long time. Ingenious ways of devising bombs and booby traps using explosive mixtures locally available or by pilfering explosives meant for industrial or defense use are not uncommon in our country.

Therefore, the explosive residues collected from the crime scene are examined for several causes, mainly to spot the explosive material, the source, and the intention of the explosion.

Ideal Method of Searching of Scene of Explosion

The first and foremost rule is to take any victim found to the hospital. However, before beginning with collecting the evidence from the crime scene, it is necessary to ensure that no suspected devices are found that are not exploded.

Documentation of the Crime Scene

For the purpose of documentation, four primary methods are followed, which is 

  • Report and note-taking
  • Photographs
  • Videography
  • Crime scene sketching and mapping.

The item should always be photographed as found first, before touching or collecting it. Always note the item, location, measured distance from two or more fixed objects within the room on your scene diagram.

In such crime scenes, aerial photographs are taken that helps in an investigation by providing a broader view of the crime scene. The crime scene should be barricaded to restrict entry into the crime scene.

The search of the crime scene should not be restricted to specific areas as explosives evidence may be found at a faraway place.

Crime scene sketching and mapping can be done using various methods. These include the grid method, spiral method.

Bomb Squad and Sniffer Dogs

The bomb squad is called upon to the crime scene to deactivate any unexploded bomb or explosives found. Sniffer dogs refer to the use of specially trained dogs. Perhaps it is one of the oldest methods of detecting explosives. These dogs are trained to use their exceptional sense of smell to detect and spot the presence of even the slightest traces of explosive material. The dogs may also be instructed to detect explosive scents on people and their clothing.

Searching the scene can be done using the following:

Using Electronic Sniffer Devices

These devices are similar to the sniffer dogs. The scents which are given out by the explosive are detected using a filter.

Using X-Ray Detector

X-rays are usually used to detect explosives. In this, the dual-energy technology simultaneously passes two x-ray beams through the item or the explosive. One of the beams will detect organic materials and displays them as red, and the other beam focuses on inorganic materials and displays them as blue or green. These color differences of the two beams allow for the quick and efficient scanning of items.

The specific type of explosives is known to be used by particular terrorist organizations. Therefore, anything and everything can be evidence in such scenes of explosions like electronic board parts, utensils, tapes and wires, and many more. Therefore it’s necessary to search the crime scene carefully.

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