During the period of 1960s till 2005, a series of crimes occurred. The majority of the victims were women with a lack of standard earnings and family.

However, the killer was not keen on escaping the law. He took it lightly, so he was arrested and released multiple times, and kept committing crimes at his own pace. Samuel Little was a calm face that reminded the police of gruesome murders.

Early Life of Samuel Little

Samuel was born on 7th June 1940, in Reynolds, Georgia, United States. He was immediately moved into Lorain, Ohio, and was mostly taken care of by his grandmother. His mother was a prostitute by career choice and her pregnancy was not foreseen by her.

Hence while during a verbal fight once with his grandmother, Little was informed that his mother was almost about to terminate the pregnancy as she did not even know the answer to the question of who his father was.

Post this conversation, he hardly was close to his family. Little was a former competitive boxer, who won prizes at the school level. He studied at Hawthorne Junior High School where he had faced issues related to his discipline and behavior.

During his childhood, as a kindergartener, he had sexual fantasies where women were strangled or choked, after once watching his teacher touch her neck. During his teens, he collected True Crime magazines, where women were depicted as being choked.

Early Crimes

In 1961 Samuel was arrested for breaking into a furniture store in Lorain. He was sentenced to three years in prison and was later released in 1964. However by 1965, at the age of 25, he was arrested 26 times in 11 states for theft, fraudulence, robbery, rape, and attack on government officials.

Modus Operandi

Samuel little had a fascination with strangling women since childhood due to which his preferred modus operandi was strangling. He targeted marginalized and vulnerable women like sex workers, drug addicts, Africans, poverty-stricken, etc. as their disappearance hardly made any difference in society.

As a result of this, he did not spend his time in jail for a longer period and his victims were not recognized either. While approaching a victim he would first knock them out, then strangle them to death followed by dumping their corpses in an alley, dumpster, or a garage.

Samuel Little’s Criminal Career

After Little was arrested around 26 times in the year 1975 for various crimes he was released in the year 1977. 

In September 1982, Melinda Rou La Pree, a young woman aged twenty-two, went missing from Pascagoula, Mississippi. She was last found near the central park with a man whom the residents failed to identify.

On questioning her parents the police figured out that she had been friends with an older man, aged around forty probably named Charles, and often visited her. Two days prior he had proposed to her in front of the family and as he claimed to have a job in waterworks all of them agreed.

After the proposal incident Melinda went out with the man and she was never found thereafter. The features and outlook of Charles described by Melinda’s parents helped the police identify the man as Samuel Little. Three days after Little was caught and the same evening Melinda’s body was found near the Mississippi lake. 

During the trial, and conviction procedures he confessed to many more crimes which came up to ninety-three. Out of these sixty of them were confirmed by the police.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment. He further confessed to 30 more killings in the year 2018. Out of the thirty murders, one was confirmed after Little’s DNA matched with the perpetrator’s found in the victim’s body. 


Even during his prison period, Little had support from his long-term girlfriend Jean. He was also a Diabetics and heart patient. He was taken to Los Angeles County Area hospital in the year 2020 around November.

Little died the next month, on December 30, 2020, due to diabetes, heart problems, and other health conditions. Whereas a detailed description of his health is not disclosed.

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