Salman Khan and 7 Others Summoned to Chandigarh For Inquiry

Salman Khan and 7 Others Summoned to Chandigarh For Inquiry

Chandigarh police have summoned superstar Salman Khan, his sister Alvira Khan and six others after a complaint of cheating lodged by a local businessman. 

Arun Gupta, a local businessman in his complaint, said in 2018 he had opened an exclusive store under the brand name “Being human” jewellery by spending 2 to 3 Crore. 

Gupta said all of them assured him that they would provide all kinds of backup and also help in promoting the brand. 

According to his complaint, neither promises were fulfilled, nor goods were delivered to him for his store. 

They also assured him that Salman khan would personally promote the brand during the opening of a brand, but nothing happened. 

He said he contacted the company officials, but they refused to keep the promise. 

They called us for a meet-and-greet with Salman Khan. I met him and he promised me. Now 1.5 years have passed and I have not received anything. Salman did not reply to my letters.”, said Gupta. 

The complainant claimed that the office which was to be used for collecting stock was also lying shut since February 2020.

Gupta further claimed that he was assured that Salman khan would do the inauguration, but his brother-in-law Ayush Sharma came.

They have been given till July 13 to reply. If there’s anything criminal, action will be taken“, SP Ketan Bansal said.

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