Moderna, Pfizer refuses vaccines to Punjab government

Moderna, Pfizer refuses vaccines to Punjab government

After Moderna, Pfizer has also refused Punjab state Government for COVID-19 vaccines. According to their policy, both vaccine manufacturers stated they would only deal with the Central government of India.

Moderna and Pfizer earlier refused to Delhi government to send vaccines directly, and they cited the exact reason for Punjab government.

Punjab’s officer for vaccination, Vikas Garg, said that Pfizer in its communication said, “Pfizer is working with Federal Governments across the world to supply its Covid-19 vaccine for use in National Immunisation programs. Our supply agreements at this time are with National Governments and Supra-national organizations, with the allocation of doses and implementation within the country being a decision that Governments take based on relevant health authority guidance. This approach Pfizer has followed across the world.”

Mr. Garg said the Punjab government, on the advice of Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, had spoken to all vaccine manufacturers across the world for direct supply to the Punjab government. He said we are hoping for a positive response from Sputnik V and Johnson and Johnson.

The Punjab government is notably conducting a vaccination drive for the last three days because of the non-availability of the vaccine. The government is working on getting supply for citizens by trying all possible means. The central government had given about 45.3 lakh vaccine doses, added Mr. Garg. 

Punjab has stopped vaccination for Phase I and Phase 2 categories over three days due to an acute shortage. The state reported over 5,000 Covid cases yesterday, taking its total infections to 5.39 lakh.

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