Dutch Journalist Peter de Vries Shot and Wounded in Busy Street of Amsterdam

Dutch Journalist and crime reporter Peter de Vries giving an interview in an open area

On Tuesday, famous Dutch crime reporter Peter de Vries was shot and seriously wounded on a street in Amsterdam, Veris played a major role in exposing the Dutch underworld.

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Peter R de Vries was shot down in Lange Leidsedwarsstraat,” police said in a statement, referring to a street near one of the city’s largest public squares.

Police immediately shifted Peter to a nearby hospital for treatment. Police also appealed the eyewitnesses to come forward and help the police to catch the accused.

An unknown assailant shot 64 years old de Vries in his head as he left TV studio in the busy Leidseplein square area at about 7:30 pm, according to media reports. De Vries had been taking part in a live broadcast shortly before the attack.

Peter de Vries had received various threats from the criminal underworld in connection with various high-profile cases.

De Vries is a celebrity in the Netherlands, known for his investigative work following the 1983 kidnapping of beer magnate Freddy Heineken. He became famous in the United States for his work investigating the disappearance of teenager Natalee Holloway in 2006.

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In 2013 De Vries received threats from Willem Holledeer. He is currently serving a life sentence for his involvement in five murder cases.

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