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Pedro Rodrigues Filho: Brazilian Serial Killer Who Killed Murderers

Pedro Rodrigues Filho: Brazilian Serial Killer Who Killed Murderers

A criminal who turned out to be a hero for millions, all because of one simple reason. His victims were all criminals! Pedro Rodrigues Filho was a Brazilian serial killer who killed the corrupted ones and not just in his point of view but also in terms of the law. He killed murderers, rapists, drug dealers, fraudsters, thieves, and much more.

Filho was born in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Brazil. His skull had been bruised since birth as a result of his father kicking his mother on her stomach while she was pregnant. His love towards murdering and torturing the people who committed mistakes started while he was a kid, during a  fight with his older cousin.

He was extremely furious that his cousin said rude things about his mother, he had a strong urge to kill him as a result of which he almost pushed him into the mouth of the sugarcane juice maker. He was also known as Killer Petey.

Psychologists described him as possessing anti-social behavior. They found him to be an extreme psychopath. However many people identified him as a sociopath. 

Modus Operandi of his Crimes

After being caught, in an interview, Pedro Rodrigues Filho had stated that his favorite method of killing was through stabbing and hacking them to death with blades. He targeted only criminals and those who hurt people.

Hence sometimes he adopted the modus operandi of his victim to kill them too. All of his victims could be easily identified as their names would be registered in the police records.

Criminal Career of Pedro Rodrigues Filho

Pedro was described to be: A serial killer, robber, vigilante, one-time mass murderer, and a one-time cannibal. When he was fourteen years old, his father was accused of stealing food from Alfenas, a school where he worked as a security guard. As a result of this, his father lost his job.

After a few days, Pedro went to the school and killed the Vice Mayor who dismissed his father without an investigation, using a shotgun acquired from his grandfather’s cupboard. A month after this, he also killed a guard from the school whom he claimed to have stolen the food. After this incident, he left for Sao Paulo as a refugee. 

He continued to burglarize local slums and killed many of the illegal drug trafficking and human trafficking racket groups. While on his murder spree he met Maria Aparecida Olympia, with whom he fell in love and later got engaged. After his refugee period, he returned home with Maria. 

One night, he left to meet his parents at their ancestral home. The next day when he returned, his house was a crime scene. Maria, who was pregnant at that time, was murdered brutally by a group of gangsters. He left the place seeking revenge henceforth.

While searching for the gang and the gang leader who caused this fate to his fiancee, he learned the facts about Maria’s pregnancy. The baby was of gang leader’s and he had betrayed her long before meeting Pedro.

However she decided to take care of the baby without saying a word, but the gang leader was not aware of this and killed her. A month after this incident Pedro reached a wedding organized by this gang leader and killed him and six others. Sixteen others were injured during this mass murder.

A week after the mass murder incident, Pedro returned home to find his mother brutally abused and killed by his father. By the time he reached, his father was arrested and was serving his period in prison.

Pedro visited his father in prison and killed him, stabbing twenty-two times followed by carving his heart out and biting a piece of it. This was his first cannibal encounter.

By this time he was an expert at escaping the law. He took refuge under various houses and continued to kill criminals. 

One day while he was returning to his refugee home, he witnessed a 12-year-year-old girl being raped by a 20-year-old man. He hit him with a huge stone and the man was dead on spot. This was a realization, where he believed women are not safe anywhere. From then onwards, for a few months, he targeted only rapists.

Arrest Trial & Prison Murderers

After killing many criminals and creating a havoc, he was finally caught by the police on May 24, 1973. During the proceedings, despite his anti-social behavior he was declared to be sane enough to stand the trial.

He confessed to having killed around forty people and stated that he was proud of his actions as he cleansed the city free from the crime grip. He was given a  sentence period till 2003.

While transporting him along with another criminal who was a rapist, to the prison, he killed the fellow criminal. He was put into a separate prison in the central block.

His life at prison too was not regular. Living in a world that was filled with people who had committed mistakes, made him regain the thrill and ecstasy he acquired while killing criminals. 

During his prison life, he killed forty-seven inmates. However, one among them was killed because Pedro found him to be disturbing as he snored during sleep.

As per the sentence, he was almost released in 2003. But he was turned down due to the prison murders. After he stopped his murder spree at the prison, he was released on April 24, 2007. However, he was arrested again at his house on September 15, 2011, and convicted of riot and false imprisonment.

Even though he was sentenced to 128 years in prison, Brazilian law does not allow more than 30 years of imprisonment. As he already spent a lot of time inside prison, he was released in 2018.


Pedro overall killed 71 criminals. Since his release, he started a youtube channel sharing his experience as a serial killer and how he made the state free of criminals. To the judicial system, he was a psychopath turned serial killer.

However after he started his killing spree, major crimes such as murder, rape, and drug trafficking in Santa Rita do sapucai, and nearby places were reduced. Many people still admire him for what he has done. Major movies and books were written about him and his moral thoughts.

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