Himachal Pradesh on Peak of ‘Chitta’ Consumption and Seizure

Himachal Pradesh on Peak of ‘Chitta’ Consumption and Seizure

‘Chitta’ also known as adulterated heroin, is a mixture of heroin with other such opioid and non-opioid drugs. It has similar effects like heroin but is more lethal than it if the consumption rate increases with the passage of time.

It is an illegal drug and being regularly smuggled in India. A survey report has been released by the Himachal Pradesh police which shows that the state is on the peak of chitta smuggling, consumption and seizures.

The results are frightening, as the report states that there are 2,307 drug peddlers in Himachal Pradesh. out of which 80 percent are native to Himachal 18 percent belong to other states and the remaining 2 percent are foreigners.

These numbers have been taken from the records maintained in ‘Register Number 29’, which was introduced by Himachal Pradesh police in November 2021 and it is the only Indian state to do that.

According to the report, 60 percent of these 2,307 drug peddlers have been involved in smuggling chitta since 2021. This is also the reason of it’s increased consumption in the state.

It’s not only the smuggling and consumption, the seizure rates of chitta has also increased in the state. The seizure graph has reached from 3.4 kgs in 2017 to 14.9 kgs in 2021.

As per the data based on the addicts lodged in rehabilitation centres in the state in 2020, about 35 percent were chitta users, and this number has surpassed the other hard drugs addiction.

It has been reported that the chitta addicts are not limited to the lower class families but also includes the individuals from the wealthy families, who along with consumption are involved in the drug peddling with Rs. 4000-6000 per grams.

The Himachal police have registered cases against the drug traffickers and is now focusing to catch the head-honcho of this drug trafficking racket.

Till now, 1372 people have been arrested and 1195 NDPS cases in October ended other than opium, ganja, charas, smack and cocaine, 7.9 kgs of chitta has been seized in 2021.

The forensic experts revealed that the seized drug have been delivered to India from two routes- the Golden Crescent and the Golden Triangle.

From Golden Crescent (Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan) the chitta enters through Punjab to Kangra and Mandi districts of Himachal while from the Golden Triangle (Myanmar, Laos and Thailand) it is smuggled through Delhi.

Regarding the composition of chitta, one of the forensic experts says that the Golden Triangle chitta is less lethal as it is composed of paracetamol, heroin and dextromethorphan.

The statistics results are alarming and threatening. Sanjay pathak, the CEO of Himachal Pradesh State Mental Health Authority mentioned leading reasons of drug abuse which include easy access to drugs, peer pressure and strained interpersonal relations in the family.

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