New Clues Can Help Solve 4 Decade Old Chautauqua County ‘Jane Doe’ Case

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New Clues Can Help Solve 4 Decade Old Chautauqua County ‘Jane Doe’ Case
New clues found in Jane doe murder case may solve it

It was December of 1983 when the woman identified as Ellery Jane Doe’s body was found off Route 17 in the Town of Ellery. Her body was found by a trucker in an area along Route 17 heading toward Jamestown. She had been sexually assaulted, beaten and shot with no identification on her, and no one ever claimed her body.   

Now the forensic experts have few new clues in this case. One is the sketch of what she might have looked like before she was murdered giving Chautauqua County investigators renewed hope that someone might be able to identify this woman. The investigators assumed that Jane Doe would be 35 years old when she was murdered.

Tom Di Zinno, a senior investigator with the Unsolved Crimes Unit, said “You see a person who wasn’t terrified. You see what she looked like every day. It’s hard to imagine how much trauma changes a face. She had a tracheotomy scar on her neck for a relatively young woman and she had a scare behind her left ear that maybe is the result of a medical procedure or are they connected”.

The second clue is the investigative genealogy profile, which was developed by the FBI. Di Zinno explained that Jane Doe has a strong concentration from the Netherlands, Belgium, and western Germany. This allows investigators to search DNA databases and work with law enforcement in those countries.

The investigators have also identified her clothes, which according to them were expensive and belonged to Europe. The blouse or the camisole from Italy. The skirt from Italy or Germany and the jacket was definitely from Germany, and weren’t cheap, they’re really good lasting clothes. 

Investigators also continue to investigate a note that was recovered written on paper from the Blue Boy Motor Motel. They said the information refers to airlines and Canadian telephone numbers.

Investigators hope with all this new information gained will spark international publicity to help finally solve this case.

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