A mysterious death case is haunting the Odisha police in which a Russian lawmaker was found dead in a hotel of Odisha.

Pavel Antov, a 65 years old Russian sausage tycoon was found dead in his own pool of blood outside his lodgings on 24th December 2022 in a hotel in Rayagada region of eastern Odisha state.

He arrived to Odisha in the middle of December and checked into the hotel with three other Russian nationals- Bydanov Vladimir (61), a Russian couple Turov Mikhail (63) and Panasenko Natalia as part of sightseeing, at the beginning of last week. It has been reported that he had been in India to celebrate his birthday and has been subjected to a mysterious death.

The news of Antov came two days after another Russian, Vladimir Bidenov, was found unconscious after an apparent heart attack at the same hotel.

According to reports, on the evening of 21st December 2022, they had a drink in the hotel room. Vladimir was found dead on the next morning. The doctors said that Vladimir had died of a heart attack as he had alcohol on empty stomach.

After the cremation of Vladimir, Antov had gone to the roof of the hotel and he fell from the roof. Investigations are still in progress for the mysterious death of Antov.

The police has declared that they are reviewing the CCTV footage, questioning hotel staff and at the same time waiting for detailed autopsy reports, but so far there has been no sign of foul play.

The police chief Rajesh Pandit said, “So far it seems Antov accidentally fell from the hotel terrace. He was probably disturbed by the death of his friend and went to the hotel terrace and likely fell to his death from there.

It has been told by the hotel proprietor Kaushik Thakkar that Antov was under depression after the death of his friend.

The reports have noticed that Antov was from Yoshkar Ola Soviet Street of Russia. He has criticized the war in Ukraine, with media reports citing his online post slamming Russian missile strikes on Ukraine this June.

He reportedly wrote that, “A girl has been pulled out from under the rubble, the girl’s father appears to have died. The mother is being pulled out with a crane, she is trapped under a slab. To tell the truth, it is extremely difficult to call this anything other than terror.”

Soon he deleted the social media post after facing backlash and called it an “unfortunate misunderstanding.”

The couple Turov Mikhail and Panasenko Natalia, who is from Krasnodar Territory, Belozechensk of Russia, has left for Bhubaneswar.

Two local travel agents accompanying the party had also been questioned about Antov’s mysterious death, along with the other two Russian members of the holiday group.

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