Social Media on Fire as #modi_rojgar_do Trends For 3rd Consecutive Day

Social Media on Fire as #modi_rojgar_do Trends For 3rd Consecutive Day

Since 19th Feb 2021 #modi_rojgar_do is trending on Social media after SSC announced the results of the CGL Tier-2 exams conducted in November 2019. Along with the protested students, many online teachers have joined the campaign.

This campaign has gained a lot of appreciation from the students on social media as it has been trending for the last few days. This campaign is a silent and peaceful protest by the students against the Modi government demanding action rather than his powerful speeches (or jumlebaazi in Hindi).

But why is this campaign trending on Twitter for days? Why the Modi government and SSC are being targeted primarily? Let’s take a look at this campaign briefly in this article.

Why is Modi government being targeted?

At the time of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP came into power with the promise of creating a new India and producing govt. jobs for the unemployed which Manmohan Singh’s government couldn’t provide according to BJP.

The Youth felt abandoned by the Modi government as they couldn’t keep their promise, yet the Modi government again entered into power in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

According to the data available, the Modi government is way beyond its promise of employing the youth. They are also alleged of not producing enough vacancies in many departments even though the seats are vacant in many offices.


The youth is frustrated and at the verge of breakdown in their lives due to unemployment. Since most of the families and students prefer themselves to be settled in government jobs and work hard continuously for years for competitive exams.

The youth studies hard for the exams and when an unexpected happens, a mental breakdown occurs which also pushes an individual over the edge where many students have appeared to commit suicide which is a serious cause of concern.

These reasons have infuriated the students and teachers into expressing their anger over the government and exam conducting authorities with the tagline #modi_rojgar_do

Why is #modi_rojgar_do trending suddenly?

On 19th February 2021, SSC declared results of CGL Tier-2 exams that were conducted on 15, 16, and 18th of November 2019. At that time, the SSC was criticized for not publishing results and filling up vacancies.

This time when the results were released, it shocked the students as well as the teachers and looked like a scam to many of them. To protest against these results #modi_rojgar_do tagline is being used to express their aggression.

According to the students, the criteria of the cut-off is not clear since most of the students who were expecting 100% result have been disqualified.

According to the reports, they said that the exam on the 18th of November was relatively easy and many of the students expected 100% results. However, it appears as if the marks of some of those students were deducted while added in the result of other students who gave the exam on 15th and 16th.

Many teachers who are teaching students online free of cost have gone viral in expressing grief for those students and anger towards the government’s action policy.

The students and online teachers are calling everyone for a get-together on February 25th at 11:00 am on Twitter to take the tagline #modi_rojgar_do to a next level to take their voice to the higher authority.

The students from around the country are expected to turn to Twitter and use the necessary hashtags to stand united against the government as they continuously fail to provide employment to the youth.



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