Merseyside Christmas Shooting

Merseyside Christmas Shooting

Elle Edwards, a 26 years old woman was shot dead in a shooting that took place at a pub on Christmas Eve at Lighthouse in Wallasey Village, Merseyside.

Ms. Edwards was with her sister and friends at the pub when suddenly gunshots were heard killing Edwards and injuring four other.

One of Ms. Edwards friends Jess, said people initially thought they had heard fireworks when the shooting started. Then suddenly everything stopped and she saw her friend lying on the floor and other people trying to help her.

Investigation in the case started the very next day and the police said they’ve had “some tremendous intelligence” but are still searching for the gun that killed her.

The forensic team returned to the pub on Wednesday, searching for the crucial evidences. The area outside and part of the car park remained behind a cordon.

Peter Rexwinkel, the Wirral Community Policing Inspector said that, “This police operation is an ongoing disruption to target criminals involved in serious and organised crime in Wirral.”

Merseyside Police described the shooting as “callous and cold blooded” and vowed that they will not rest until the responsible people are caught.

Deputy Chief Constable Ian Critchley said the police had received some tremendous intelligence and community support to help us with our investigation.

He said the public are appalled and scared but have provided some tremendous intelligence and community support to help us with our investigation.

Till now a man aged 30 from Tranmere was arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder, and a woman aged 18 from Rock Ferry was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder.

It has been assumed that Ms. Edwards was not the intended target. The police has asked for the help from local people who might have any video recordings in their phones or dashcams or any CCTV footage of the incident which can be used in the investigation.

It is also presumed that the shooting is linked with the gangs in Wirral, as an escalating number of such incidents have been observed in several previous months. The police is also inspecting in the same direction.

According to the reports, the attack follows other high-profile shootings on Merseyside, this year including the death of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel, who was killed when a gunman chased her in her home in Liverpool in August.

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