Maharashtra Person Awarded Death Sentence To Man For Killing His Mother

Maharashtra Person Awarded Death Sentence To Man For Killing His Mother

A session judge in Maharashtra Kolhapur awarded a death sentence to a 35-year-old man for killing his mother and frying her organs before eating them. The court held that his case fell in the rarest of the rare case. 

The judge observed that the incident had shaken the “collective conscience of the society.” The court further opined that not only was there a murder but it was associated with “extreme brutality and shamelessness.”

The court said, “The pain which she [the mother] had experienced cannot be explained in words. He has committed the offense to satisfy his lust for liquor. He forcibly eliminated the life of his helpless mother, which is the ultimate insult of motherhood.”

In 2017 the accused murdered his mother, which came to light after the child in the neighborhood saw him standing near his mother covered with blood. 

Police Inspector Bhausaheb Malgunde, who reached the spot for prima facie inspection, saw the body lying in a pool of blood with organs eviscerated outside. Malgunde saw that the mother’s heart was on a platter while a few other organs eviscerated were on an oil tin.

Defense counsel VD Lambhore took the defense of intoxication, stating that the accused was an alcohol addict and that his medical certificate was missing. Lambhore also pleaded insanity defense.

Additional session judge Mahesh Krishna Ji Jadhav noted that the accused has failed to prove his defense of intoxication and insanity and sentenced Sunil Rama Kuchkoravi to death sentence for the offense of murder.

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