We have been discussing different types of Poisoning caused in humans ranging from mercury poisoning to arsenic poisoning, along with the aspects of how much they’re harmful to our health and can lead to disastrous conditions if it’s inhaled or consumed by mistake. The same situation applies to lead Poisoning, which is a kind of heavyweight greyish substance which is easily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and is soluble in almost all sorts of gastric juices.

Lead Poisoning isn’t a spontaneous condition and occurs after several months or years. It’s a hazardous medical condition that arises due to the high accumulation of lead in the body, which further drives into different organs, disturbs the workflow, and prevents the growth and development of numerous organs. It’s spread at such a high rate and is extremely toxic and harmful for children. 

Lead Poisoning causes severe health issues and damages 50% of the human body in most cases, so individuals must follow parameters to avoid such conditions. Let’s now discuss how lead is accumulated and its causes, symptoms, and reliable treatment methods in a detailed manner.

Toxic Compounds of Lead

Lead is formed due to these toxic components, which are mentioned below in points.

  • Lead Acetate
  • Lead Sulphide
  • Lead Tetroxide
  • Lead Carbonate
  • Tetraethyl Lead

Causes of Lead Poisoning

  • Lead Poisoning is caused due to the emission particles released from automobile factories. Most of the discharge released from the factories comprises tetramethyl lead which further gets deposited in the ground and gets mixed with the soil components. 
  • It’s also found in the water, unfiltered and contaminated with bathroom and kitchen pipes.
  • Old storage batteries, old and unauthentic jewelry, eyeliners, house paints, bullets, etc., are some other causative agents of lead poisoning.
  • Household paints and old toys which were manufactured in the late 1979s.

Signs and Symptoms of Lead Poisoning

  • This Poisoning doesn’t have symptoms at the initial stage and one gets to know about its severity after several ages. 
  • Young kids suffer from behavioral problems, walking disabilities, and IQ problems.
  • The growth of the body proceeds at a very slow rate, and muscles are unable to indulge in little exercises.
  • Lead leaves a drastic effect on the nervous system and sentences the person into a coma.
  • A huge amount of lead accumulation in the stomach leads to terrible abdominal pain, which is tough to handle.
  • Decreases the sperm count in the males and sometimes damages them for a lifetime.
  • Fatigue, Weakness, Anaemia, Headache, Sluggish Speech, Seizure, Weight Loss, Constipation, Vomiting, and Blindness are some other symptoms of lead poisoning.

Treatment of Lead Poisoning

Treatment of this particular Poisoning comes with several cons associated with it because the chemicals used for the treatment tend to have side effects on the body.

  • Chelation Therapy is applied for binding the lead which is present in the body and later flashes it out via the urine.
  • Doctors advise patients to include Vitamin C, Fe, and Ca in there as these elements reduce the concentration of lead from the body.

Medico-Legal Importance of Lead Poisoning

  • Fewer chances of acute, suicide, or homicidal poisoning cases.
  • People who work in factories where lead is used within the manufacturing processes tend to suffer from accidental lead poisoning.

Final Words

Post researching from different sources, we have concluded that lead poisoning targets young children who are habituated to putting their fingers in their mouth after playing with old toys, leading to the insertion of lead within their body.

Adults tend to suffer less from this brutal condition, and hence parents should make sure that their kids are far away from such elements, which contain lead traces. However, treatment is available for curing lead poisoning, but sometimes it’s difficult to reverse the consequences of serious chronic lead poisoning in medical science.

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