Kerala’s Horrific ‘Human Sacrifice’ Case

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Kerala’s Horrific ‘Human Sacrifice’ Case
Kerala's Human Sacrifice Case

A horrific incident of human sacrifice for the sake of wealth and prosperity has been noticed in Elanthoor, Pathanamthitta, Kerala. Police discovered various shreds of evidence, including weapons, during an eight-hour evidence collection drive at the Elanthoor house, where the three accused, Mohammad Shafi, Bhagaval Singh, and his wife Laila carried out the horrific murder of two women as a human sacrifice ritual for financial gains.

On Tuesday, 11th October 2022, the police unravelled a case in which two women were abducted, beheaded, their bodies chopped into parts and buried as part of a human sacrifice ritual in the Pathanamthitta district. The two victims Roslin and Padma were lottery vendors from the Ernakulam district and they went missing in June and September respectively.

With the suspicion over the possibility of the ‘sacrifice’ of more people in the case, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) started to excavate the land of one of the accused in Elanthoor on Saturday. The SIT along with sniffer dogs, officials and the accused reached the spot on Saturday and started the search to clear the suspicion over many other possible murders. The forensic team also recovered bones from the spot and sent for a detailed probe. 

It has been reported that Mohammad Shafi is the mastermind in the Kerala “human sacrifice” case who posed as a woman on social media and befriended accused Bhagaval Singh. His account was named “Sreedevi” where he used photos of flowers as his DP, the police said. Later, he masqueraded as a holy man and offered to conduct pujas and rituals to rid the couple of misfortune and lead them to financial prosperity.

According to police source Shafi told the couple that he would need to have sexual intercourse with Laila in her husband’s presence as part of the ritual. The couple gave into this as they were blinded by the promise of wealth and prosperity. Shafi then told the couple to carry out a human sacrifice to solve their financial problems.

The three committed the first murder on June 8. Shafi approached Roslin at Kottayam district and lured her by offering Rs 10 Lakhs for acting in a blue film. She agreed to it and went to the couple’s home. They tied her hands and legs to a cot and a cloth was inserted into the mouth.

When the victim was conscious, the accused woman Laila inserted a knife into the vagina of the victim and slit her throat. Then second accused Bhagaval Singh cut off the victim’s breast and kept it, followed by which the three accused cut the body into pieces jointly. 

Few days later, Shafi told the two that the evil spell cast on them was so strong that they were unable to gain benefits after the first sacrifice. This then led to the killing of the other woman on September 26. The second victim named Padma was tortured and murdered by Shafi.

In the court hearings on 13 October, the police gave a sequence of events in the two murders. The horrific attacks on Rosalin and Padma took place three months apart, in June and September but were eerily similar. The sequence of events has so far come mostly from confessional statements. The police are also looking into the claims of cannibalism made by one of the accused.

With the incident, possibly the worst of its kind in the country, coming to light, locals were shocked by knowing the involvement of the locals in this horrific case. The neighbours of Laila and Bhagwal Singh told the police and media that the couple is well educated and well to do in their community. No one had a clue about their mindset that they could ever stoop to such levels.

The police got the custody of all three accused for 12 days for closer questioning and a thorough investigation, on 14 October.

The police have informed that in five years, 12 women missing cases were reported from Pathanamthitta and 14 from Ernakulam districts. The officials said special officers will be deputed to probe the cases.

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