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India’s Monstrous Serial Killer: Kampatimar Shankariya

India’s Monstrous Serial Killer: Kampatimar Shankariya

Kampatimar Shankariya was an Indian serial killer who turned out to be a man of mystery indeed. He was born on 1, January 1970. Back in the 1970s India was not high on reporting and keeping a track of murders or any crimes for that matter.

Therefore, till now, the whereabouts of Shankariya, or the identities of the victims whom he killed, or any such detail is unknown.

The Young Criminal Shankariya

Shankariya was born in Sri Ganga Nagar in Jaipur, Rajasthan. There is no information or reports regarding his family or the kind of childhood he had faced.

His crime spree started around the year 1977 when he was just 26-year-old. The modus operandi followed by him however was interesting. He would hide in the dark corners of deserted lanes at night covered under thick blankets.

When he would see any person (which would be a man or a woman walking alone at night), he would approach and jump on them, surprising the person, and hits exactly below the person’s ear adjoining the neck with a hammer. 

He killed over seventy of them in this way within two years across Rajasthan, Punjab, and Haryana. The name Kanpatimar was given to him as he would blow the people with the hammer below the ear(‘Kan’-meaning ‘ear’ in Hindi).

The reason why he chose this exact point to hit is unknown, but it can be assumed that below the ear there is a eustachian tube present that connects the inner ear. This is crucial in the overall balance of the human body. So when this tube is hit, the body springs out of control resulting in immediate death.

It is assumed that he started his criminal career around 1952 even before the official killings had started, which ironically is the year when Mother Teresa opened a home for the dying, quite a creepy coincidence. 

His motive for the killings? Well, no trace of abusive parents or a psychopathic episode but instead out of the pure pleasure that he gained while seeing them die when his hammer strikes.

End of the Mystery Man

The 27-year old’s criminal career did not last long. He was arrested and sentenced to hang, on 16, May 1979 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. After a period in jail, he realized his mistake. His last words while staying in the hanging slot were “I killed in vain! Nobody should become like me“. He also sang the national anthem of India before being hanged till death.

It is pretty shameful that there are no reports, newspaper clippings, or even a documentary covering sufficient information about this killer. His real motives, psychology, and the details of the victims could have supported many other crimes which went unsolved in India.

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