Have you ever gotten a call from Jamtara yet? Jamtara is a small city close to the Naxalite belt which is located in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Jamatara is considered as the place’s homegrown for the phishing industry of India. This crime has become so common that now people say ‘mere Saath jamtara ho gya’. Lately, new Jamatara like hotspots has also come up in Haryana, UP, Gujarat, and Rajasthan.

How Jamatara Became the Cybercrime Hub?

Cyber experts say that such phishing scams originate from smaller towns where the police are not active or not able to deal with these criminals unlike in metropolitans cities where police departments keep track and conduct raids related to this crime.

Jamtara only came to the limelight of the police or law enforcement when the amount of extorted or a number of cases became too big to ignore.

Why People Fall Prey to Cybercrimes so Often?

It doesn’t matter whether an individual is educated or illiterate, individuals usually find you sharing sensitive details with callers because they don’t verify whether the call actually came from original source.

Individuals are usually ignorant or careless while handling such callers and that’s what makes them gullible. Besides, greed is one of the main reasons why individuals are becoming victims, as they usually share their details for gratis vouchers or gifts. It might be lust towards money and so a person must always think before acting.

Mindset of Jamtara Boys

Most young boys including juveniles of the age around 16-20 years are involved in these crimes in Jamatara and are used to making 100-200 calls in a day. Fraudsters get a person’s information from call centers, mobile companies, and online shopping websites. 

Advanced hackers are marketing loopholes in payment gateways and recharge to Jamtara fraudsters. Secondly, these criminals often act like bank officials to trick people into achieving relevant sensitive information.

They call and pose as a bank official most of the time and might also have the address of the victim to confirm that they are really from the bank. However, they have recently started phishing out insurance information because they were familiar that individuals don’t seem to be that gullible any longer.

Modus Operandi 

Jamtara gang had put out some faux customer numbers on search engines as advertisements to lure unsuspecting victims. There is no uniform manner for fraudsters to commit such phishing crimes in Jamtara.

The sole divisor may be a team of 2 children, one with a basic mobile phone and also the alternative, a Smartphone. The essential phone is employed to create the decision when the smartphone is on standby with an associate degree e-wallet opened.

The caller identifies himself anecdotally, banking concern of India users square measure vulnerable because of their sheer variety and therefore, phishing potential and declares that the account is up for verification or termination.

Once the ATM card details of the individual are entered, the transaction requires a secret One Time Password (OTP) to authenticate. After that, the caller tells his prey that he has sent across a code for him to repeat to him. Once the caller reads out the code the amount is deducted from the victim’s account.

Investigation of Incident in Jamtara

During investigation, it had been found that the cash was attributable to some third party beneficiary bank accounts through mediator on-line Paytm entree. Examination of evidences gave rise to suspicion that the crime was administrated from Jamtara district.

The Kalahandi police team conducted a raid at Barmundi village in Jamtara and in remission. Later, alternative defendants were additionally in remission. The cash that the gang had defrauded was routed to numerous native bank accounts in denominations below ₹50,000 to flee any scrutiny.

The checking account holders accustomed charge 100% commission from gang members for channeling takings of crime. Police aforesaid they did managed to freeze ₹50,000 from many bank accounts and therefore the litigator are going to cash when due process of law within the next few months.


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