8 Dead After Israel Fired Missiles in Military Areas in Syria

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A missile fired at night by Israel

Tensions again raising in the middle east after Israel on Tuesday night fired missiles in the military areas of Syria in southern and central Syria, causing the death of eight peoples. 

According to reports published by Syrian media, the air defense system detected the missiles, which prevented the casualties. 

According to the media, Israel again used Lebanon air space for firing missiles. However, the Syrian news agencies did not provide the exact location of the missile attack. 

According to news agency SANA reporting “explosions in Damascus” before adding that its air defenses had been activated against the “Israeli aggression.”

The Israeli army did not respond to international media on the attacks conducted by Israelis. 

Both Syria and Russia had denied any enormous casualties of life. Russia is the biggest military partner of Syria. Russia had built many air bases in Syria. Russia has also deployed nuclear weapons in Syria to counter European powers.

Airstrikes took place in the south of Homs province, and the border zone between Homs and Tartus,” Observatory chief Rami Abdul Rahman told AFP.

After the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, Isreal had played an essential role in disturbing peace in Syria. All this was done to counter Iran who wanted to establish a permanent military presence in the country.

The last attack conducted by Israel on Syria was in May. The airstrikes targeted the sites in Latakia and near Quneitra. One civilian was reported killed in the May 5 strike.

The decade-long war has left at least 500,000 people dead and millions displaced.

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