India’s First ‘Made-in-India’ Forensic Workstation & Signal Blocker Devices

India’s First ‘Made-in-India’ Forensic Workstation & Signal Blocker Devices

This new year India got its first Made-in-India forensic workstation and the signal blocker devices. eSec Forte Technologies, the India’s leading Cyber Security and Digital Forensics company has unveiled the first indegenous forensic workstation ‘DRONA’ series and the signal blocker Faraday bags.

DRONA series is a high-end forensic workstation series developed under Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, while the Faraday bags are shield electronic devices that has been designed and developed under the Make-in-India Initiatives.

It has been explained by the company that the DRONA series is available in three different standard configurations– Series I (Basic), Series P (Medium), and X (High-end). 

DRONA has some excellent features like- biometric-based authorisation, persistent memory, integrated webcam, and redundant power supply. It also offers an advanced CPU cooling system, extended cabinet, and Read/Write bays for delivering powerful performance.

The Vice-President of Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), Lieutenant Colonel (Dr.) Santosh Khadsare (Retired) said that DRONA forensic workstation is specifically developed to handle the needs for accurate analysis, long-term durability, and high-reliability needs of the clients.

The workstation has integrated customised bays and heavy-duty chassis and air/liquid cooling system, that makes it capable of offering superlative performance.

He explained that DRONA has Intel and AMD-based processor capabilities, integrated write blocker Tableau, and 6-8 cooling fans. Its internal parts are partially made of Aluminum and Mild Steel so as to better dissipate heat and keep the system cool.

The second product of the company, Faraday bags offer excellent shielding capacity for electronic devices and hold prominence in sectors such as law enforcement, forensic investigators, and armed services. The details of the device has been explained by the eSec Forte’s Chief Business Officer, Kunal Bajaj.

He elaborated that Faraday Bags are high quality, durable bags designed to shield electronic devices such as Laptops, Mobile phones and Tablets from RF signals, EMI, EMR, EMF radiation, and EMP protection.

It has been reported that the bags also have the Capability to block Bluetooth, cell signals including 5G networks, GPS, RFID, NFC, Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5GHz), and radio signals from low MHz up to 40 GHz. Also they are uniquely serialized for asset tracking and maintaining the chain of custody of evidence.

The Faraday bags have 3 different dimensions to cater to the size requirements of various electronic evidence and have two layers of high-shielding Faraday Fabric on all interior sides with double-paired seam construction.

These bags have an outer layer comprising water-resistant weather-proof nylon fabric, a Chain of Custody card, a transparent pocket, and dual fold roll with highly durable Velcro closure.

With the launch of these products the eSec Forte has strengthened its position as a leading cyber security organisation not only in India but also in the world with a dynamic portfolio of products and services.

Talking about the eSec Forte, it is a globally-recognized consulting and IT security company with a range of services including cyber forensics and cloud security. It is an authorized technology partner for various information security solutions, which is empaneled with CERT-INDIA for information security auditing and are a PCI-DSS-QSA (Peripheral Component Interconnect – Decision Support System – Qualified Security Assessor).

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