In Haryana, although there are a number of calls have been made by the cyber fraudsters to share the OTPs, bank debit and credit cards details, for fraudulent transactions, but due to the immense efforts of Haryana police there is a drop in the amount of online fraudulent transactions.

The state police has been halting an average of Rs 6-7 lakh every day from going into the accounts of cyber fraudsters. In just over past two weeks, the cybercrime helpline of Haryana Police has saved Rs 1.23 crore of state’s residents. 

This success can be partially attributed to a month-long awareness campaign in October after which the reporting of such crimes on Cyber Helpline Number 1930 has almost doubled. In the period October 1st to November 15 of the year 2022, the helpline received 45,444 calls as against nearly 27,000 that it had received in the preceding 45-day period. 

With the rapid reporting of crime, the police managed to put on hold 71 per cent more defrauded money in the particular period as compared to 45-days before that.

After the awareness campaign in October, the calls at 1930 have gone up by 69 per cent. Also the reporting time after a crime takes place has come down from earlier average of 2-3 days to 12-14 hours now.

The 1930 helpline works as follows-  

  • When a cyber fraud victims calls on the helpline, the operator asks them about the transaction ID of 12 digits, which they receives from the bank as a text message after deduction of money. 
  • The cyber official will lodge a complaint. An alert will be flashed to the nodal officer of the bank where the cyber fraudsters had transferred cheated money.
  • The bank will freeze the account to halt money’s movement. After an official message from the cyber wing, the money will be finally put back in the account of the complainant.

The 1930 helpline is operated by Union Ministry of Home Affairs through its National CyberCrime Reporting Portal (NCRP). All calls made to the helpline from within the territory of Haryana, land at six telephone lines at state’s cyber police station in Panchkula. 

Haryana ADGP (crime) OP Singh, said, “The person manning the telephone line collects all relevant details from the caller, informs the financial intermediaries through NCRP portal to block the flow of defrauded money and finally send the complaint to the police station concerned to register an FIR”.

Everyday, 1000 complaints are received by the cyber crime police station. Dial-112 has also been integrated with the 1930 in Haryana, that is aimed at ensuring the emergency services to the citizens at the earliest.

The Dial-112 is based on geospatial technology providing immediate response to the distress calls received from across the state.

Singh states, “As in the case of road accidents, the golden hour is critical in case of cyber crime too. The earlier the crime is reported, greater is the chance of money being recovered and the criminal being caught”.

He further added that the fraudsters are continuously switching to different tricks to cheat people. Keeping in view their changing tactics, “Cyber Raahgiri” events have been organized to make the public aware about cybercrime

Also the Haryana Police observes the first Wednesday of every month as Cyber Crime Awareness Day, where field units organize engagement programmes to make people aware about the latest modus operandi being adopted by cyber-thugs and precautions that they need to take to avoid falling prey to them.


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