Enormous Gun Violence Witnessed in US this Independence Week

Enormous Gun Violence Witnessed in US this Independence Week

America had witnessed enormous gun violence across the country during this past independence week.

On Tuesday, the New York Police Department told Fox News that at least 35 people were shot in New York City in 29 shooting incidents from Friday through Monday. Two of these incidents resulted in deaths.

According to reports of gun violence archive on Monday evening, 189 people were killed, and more than 500 were injured in shootings over 72 hours from Friday.

NYPD, an American agency, recorded 55 shooting incidents, 78 shooting victims, and 16 homicides.

On Tuesday, governor of New York Andrew Cuomo issued an order declaring a disaster emergency on gun firing. 

Gun violence is a public health crisis, and we must treat it like one,” Cuomo wrote on Twitter. 

The authorities said two cops were shot while trying to break up a crowd following Fourth of July gatherings.

Chicago had reported more gunshot incidents than the previous year in the same period a year ago.

As per reports of Cleveland.com, 11 people were reported shot in five hours from Sunday into early Monday in Cleveland.

The shooting incidents also took place in Denver, Georgia, Texas, and New Jersey. In New Jersey, a ten-year-old girl died on the fourth of July.

According to reports of Gun Violence Archive, the U.S. had witnessed more than 8,700 deaths due to Gun violence. According to this year’s count, there have been at least 267 mass shootings in the U.S.

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