Gold Seized From Various Places in India

Gold Seized From Various Places in India

On Wednesday, 7 September 2022, the Customs department at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad, seized 1.89 kilograms of gold from 8 passengers.

Each of the passengers was trying to smuggle 232 grams (approximately) of gold by concealing them in their hand luggage. However, details like where the passengers arrived from were not shared.

This is not the only case, there have been many incidents when the passengers are nabbed at the airport for smuggling gold. On the same day two more such incidents happened.

In one case, Hyderabad customs intercepted a passenger who arrived from Dubai on flight 6E025. The passenger was trying to smuggle the gold by pasting it on his back. An official said 100 grams of gold has been seized. Further investigation is in progress, he added.

In another incident, Hyderabad Customs intercepted a female passenger who arrived from Dubai by flight EK528. She was trying to smuggle 514 grams of gold by concealing it in the sole of her footwear.

The above reported cases happened on the airport for the consecutive day. Two more such cases were reported on Tuesday, 6 September 2022.

In one incident the Hyderabad Custom intercepted a man coming from Sharjah by flight No 6E1406, trying to smuggle in the gold by concealing it in rhodium-coated gold rings, bracelet, and chain. The gross weight of the gold was 340 grams.

In another case, Customs officials caught a passenger who was smuggling gold at the RGI Airport and seized 116 grams of the yellow metal valued at Rs 6 lakh. The passenger who arrived from Riyadh by Flight AI – 942 was trying to smuggle the gold in specially made undergarments.

On suspicion, customs officials did a body scan and found the passenger smuggling gold. The passenger was detained and the gold was seized. A case has been booked against the passenger. Further investigation is in progress.

A case of gold smuggling was reported in Nagpur too. While investigating a robbery case, the Nagpur police have discovered a modus operandi where laborers are being used to smuggle gold from Dubai by concealing it in hammers, punching machines and other household goods.

Following the seizure of 28 tola gold, valuing an amount of approximately Rs.15 Lakhs, the police has informed other intelligence agencies too. 

The racket was busted while the police were investigating a robbery case. The complaint was filed by Vakil Sahni, a resident of Gorakhpur who arrived at Nagpur airport from Dubai having a consignment with him which was handed to him by someone in Dubai.

He then handed over the consignment to Ali and after reaching Ganeshpeth, both parted away. While heading to a hotel, Ali was intercepted by three people who snatched the consignment bag from him and flew away.

On Ali’s complaint the Ganeshpeth police arrested the three robbers who were roaming on the premises of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport. The police recovered the bag from them which had two hammers, punching machines and a juicer. 

When the police officers saw the items in the bag they were baffled. The police interrogated the arrested accused who revealed that they were following Ali on the information of Ali’s involvement in gold smuggling. When the police cut open the handle of the hammer, 28 tola gold was recovered which was hidden in the tools.

Till now it has been found that a racket is using unsuspected labourers with low wages, to smuggle the gold from international borders. Police are investigating the case from every angle and preparing for more arrests. 

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