Horrific crimes: Young girl raped twice in a moving bus in Maharashtra on 6th Jan

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Young girl raped twice in a moving bus in Maharashtra

As we welcomed the new year 2021 for a fresh start after the horrific year 2020, this year too brought sad news at the start of the year. As the number of rape crimes is increasing, another case was registered in Washim’s Malegaon police station.

Being a brother and an Indian, it feels awkward that we live in a country where we pray to worship female gods, we condemn them in the real world by committing crimes against them, be it rape, domestic violence, kidnap for ransom, etc.

This case belongs to a young 21-year old girl of Maharshtra who was traveling from Nagpur to Pune. She had gone to Bhandara, a village 60 km away from Nagpur city to attend the wedding of her sister.

She worked in a company in Pune and was traveling back to Pune on a luxury bus. She boarded the bus at Nagpur on January 6th, 2021.

While on the bus, the cleaner came towards her and asked her to shift her seat from Seat 5 to seat 15 where he threatened her with a knife and kept her silent. He then raped her twice on a moving bus.

The victim tried to file a complaint at Pune’s Ranjangaon Police station but since the crime took place in Washim district, the case was immediately transferred. The accused has been identified as Sameer Deokar of 25 years.

A zero FIR has been lodged against the bus cleaner based on the statement of the victim and the investigation is underway.

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