Ghost guns are privately made firearms. It is a homemade firearm that lacks the commercial serial number. These terms are often used in the United States by gun control advocates, law enforcement officials, gun rights advocates. 

People otherwise forbidden from owning a firearm are still banned legally from the transfer, manufacture, or possession of firearms or ammunition, unconcerned of the method of manufacture or acquisition.

This article provides brief information on ghost guns. How are they manufactured? Are they dangerous? Are they legal in any country? Are these guns traceable and the different ammunition used in the ghost guns?

What are Ghost Guns??

These are unregulated firearms that can be bought online and can be assembled at home. Ghost guns are made by individuals using the unfinished frames or receivers containing the operating part of the firing mechanism.

These are the homemade weapons– devoid of serial numbers or any other identifying marks that enable them to be tracked to their manufacturer, seller, or the original owner.

How are Ghost Guns Manufactured??

The most important part of a gun is the lower receiver which houses vital components like the hammer and the trigger. The most popular method of making a ghost gun is buying the pre-manufactured parts of the guns and then assembling them at home.

A lower receiver is 80% finished. It can be easily assembled at home by purchasing other parts without having a background check. By assembling these parts, one can make a fully functional firearm and a 100% finished firearm.

Are Ghost Guns Legal??

Ghost guns are legal in many federal countries. America has been known for its long tradition of unregulated manufacturing of guns. With the passage of the Gun Control Act in 1968, it was required for the gunmaker to get a license from the federal govt and consist of the serial number on the weapons they produce. 

The gun control act provides an exemption for the individuals who manufacture or make their own firearms for personal use.

What Makes a Ghost Gun Untraceable??

Since there are no background checks required for the purchase of ghost guns. Individuals with a criminal record can obtain a gun quickly for the commission of the crimes.

There are no serial numbers allotted to these types of private homemade firearms. These firearms also do not contain any particular marking on the parts used for making the gun which makes it difficult to identify or link it to the manufacturer, seller, or the individual who owns the gun.

Recently, gun control advocates have claimed that tracing the unserialized firearm used in the commission of crimes may be much harder than tracing their commercial variants. Unserialized firearms have been reported to have been used in at least two shooting sprees in California. These ghost guns are much more dangerous and lethal than the regularly used standard firearms in the commission of the crime.


The individuals privately manufacture these non-regulated and unserialized at their homes. Ghost guns have a much more lethal and dangerous impact on the targets. Although these guns are legal in certain federal countries, it is still a controversial topic to legalize in other places due to the non-traceability of these guns.

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