US city to pay $27 million for George Floyd’s murder

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US city to pay $27 million for George Floyd's murder

Last year when the whole world was in chaos due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a black man namely George Floyd was murdered by the 4 police officers in the US city of Minneapolis which provoked protests from across the world in support of Black lives.

The US city of Minneapolis has agreed to pay $27 million to George Floyd’s family for the settlement of the case that triggered protests over racial injustice while Police officer Derek Chauvin is still on trial on charges of second-degree murder.

Other police officers present at the scene of the crime were also fired and charged with aiding and abetting the murder.

The lawyer for the family said that the size of the amount for compensation signifies that the BLACK LIVES DO MATTER and the injustice to Black people at the hands of police will no longer go as unimportant, unpunished, and unworthy of the consequences.

The sister of the victim added that they are pleased that one tragic journey of the case has been resolved. Though we are heart-broken, the death of George taught people how to live mutually.

What happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis?

George Floyd was a 46-year old man who used to live in Minneapolis and was a Bouncer by profession at a restaurant. He had lost his job due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

On May 2020, George Floyd was sitting in his car outside a convenience store when the employee of that store called 911 complaining about George Floyd how he used a counterfeit bill of $20 to buy cigarettes. The employees added that he is drunk and may not be in his control.

Responding to the call, a police van arrived at the scene and after some time tried arresting him. He was taken out of his car, handcuffed, and later took him against a wall where the CCTV camera recorded the incident.

The two police officers then tried to enter him in the police car but he resisted to enter telling them that he is claustrophobic (extremely fearful of small places).

George Floyd murder protests

9 minutes into the arrest another police car arrives with Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao who already had complaints filed against them of several different charges.

According to the several videos released, as the police officer tried forcing Floyd in the car, Derek interferes and pulls George out of the car laying him down on the streets.

From videos it was visible, that then Derek had kept his knee over George Floyd’s neck to restrain him. This move has been banned by the police and is to be used only when the accused doesn’t comply.

But according to the several footages and videos captured by the witnesses, it was visible that George Floyd was already in distress and complying.

As Derek kept his knee on his neck, George pleaded that he is unable to breathe but Derek was unmoved. After few minutes, the ambulance was called due to the blood coming out of the mouth of Floyd.

The ambulance arrived after sometime and it was only then that Derek removed his knee.

Several witnesses argued with police to remove the knee but Derek didn’t listen to any of them. After George was taken by ambulance, it was reported that George is entering into Cardiac arrest and was soon declared dead in the nearby hospital.

As per witnesses and the video recordings, it was visible that those police officers violated the law and murdered him in public. This caused outrage among the public that resulted in protests around the world for about a month with the tagline #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

The four police officers were soon fired and charged.

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