Maharashtra: Gas Leak In Chemical Factory in Badlapur creates panic

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Gas Leak in Maharashtra, Badlapur

Last night, the incident of gas leakage in Maharashtra’s Badlapur created panic among the locals. People living in the vicinity of the factory complained of shortness of breath and a burning sensation in the eyes after the leak at Nobel Intermediates Pvt Ltd company at Shirgaon MIDC.

The incident took place at 10:22 pm on Thursday, said the Thane Municipal Corporation. He further said that the situation was brought under control within an hour.

The corporation stated there was overheating, which initiated the chemical reaction which resulted in gas leakage. People who showed severe effects were admitted to nearby hospitals as a measure of precaution.

After seeing the smog in the air, a local resident called the fire brigade. Responding to the situation fire brigade sent two fire engines from Badlapur Municipal Council, and one from Shirgaon MIDC rushed to the spot and plugged the leakage, he said.

The administration brought the situation under control after the fire brigade stopped the leakage at 11.24 pm11.24 pm. No injury was caused to any person due to the efforts of the fire brigade, said officials.

A chemical reaction due to the overheating of sulfuric acid and benzyl acid led to the incident,” PTI quoted Santosh Kadam, chief of the Regional Disaster Management Cell of Thane Municipal Corporation, as saying.

As a result, residents living in three km area around the factory complained of breathing problem and irritation in eyes for a few hours,” he said.

A gas leak from a factory in Maharashtra’s Badlapur was reported at around 10:22 pm on Thursday. People in the area were having trouble breathing. The fire brigade stopped the leak at 11:24 pm. The situation is under control. No one injured,” the Thane Municipal Corporation was quoted saying by news agency ANI.

I, along with my other colleagues, was working in a nearby factory. Suddenly, we started having problems in breathing. Later, we learned that there was a gas leak in a factory in the area,” a man was quoted saying by ANI.

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