Beware of Free Chinese VPN as it Exposes Privacy of Millions of Users

Beware of Free Chinese VPN as it Exposes Privacy of Millions of Users

Are you among the one who uses free VPN Service or network? If yes, then you should be alert because after reading this article you might get shocked to discover that more than 3.5 billion people have been exposed on Chinese VPNs which might lead to the exposure of private data and secrets of so many users.

As VPN network usage is high in the Middle East and Asian countries like China and Russia, the public of these countries will suffer more. Around 5.7 billion data has been thought to be exposed in a total of 626 GB VPN connection including IDs and domain names among many others. It was discovered by a Cybernews researcher on July 7 during an open ElasticSearch using open source intelligence methods.

The data has been extracted from an Airplane Accelerate App and the researchers have said that the data of the users can be used to track their location and it can be spyware too. The researchers checked and tested the Chinese version, Android version, and Mac iOS version to find anything wrong with the app.

As they told that not a single app detects an Airplane to be malicious, it became obvious and raises concern to be more attentive and alert because it can lead to many problems.

During the research on the Android version, the researchers found many domains like hacking tools, search engine tools, social media websites, anti-china, and porn websites along with so many others.

The shocking news that came in between the research was that there was not a single Chinese website suggesting that the aim was to track users visiting domains that Beijing may disapprove of. Further investigation revealed that AP Network PTY Ltd. is a registered company based in Australia that holds the rights to the app.

Nazarovas told that the app demanded a high number of permissions including the contact details and access to location, camera, and external storage but the data was stored in another database. Although the app agreed to have a privacy policy it is not clear whether it is for VPN Service or any other service.

A link was also provided that claims to directly link the app to its privacy policy but the researchers found nothing on clicking it, making it more suspicious.

Well, this is not the first case coming in China about a cybercrime, there are a lot of cases before this one that claimed the data of most of its users or public is in danger. As Cybernews reached out to AP Network about the case, it became clear to them that it is in public interest after they did not receive any response from them.

As it is a saying for a long time that “Anything that comes for free, costs you more than a paid version“, it should be in the mind of a user before choosing any VPN service or network. Cybernews has addressed the users to be alert from some of the VPNs like Hoxx, iNinja, and SuperVPN that sells the users’ data to third parties or store their personal information.

They have also asked the users to keep their distance from BeanVPN and request to choose the right network.

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