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“Transcoding & Packaging” SaaS Solution to Support Forensic Watermarking

“Transcoding & Packaging” SaaS Solution to Support Forensic Watermarking

The INKA Entworks Inc., a pioneer in the field of Digital Rights Management software, announced that it is launching a brand new “Transcoding & Packaging” SaaS (Software as a Service) solution .

This solution supports content transcoding, applying Forensic watermarking, encrypting with Multi-DRM and packaging with DASH, HLS in a single workflow, making it ready for streaming.

Transcoding is a process of decoding, reformatting and re-encoding files which takes source footage of various types and recodes it into a single video codec or file format.

The first SaaS for forensic watermarking was introduced by PallyCon in 2019, which helped OTT, VOD and Edutech industries across the world to secure their content at rest and during streaming. 

Video piracy is on the rise and is costing enterprises billions of dollars every year. PallyCon’s Distributor Watermarking solution is the antidote to handle video piracy effectively.

PallyCon is a cloud based multi DRM and Forensic Watermarking service for online video service providers.

James Ahn, Founder, CEO of INKA ENTWORKS Inc, says, “PallyCon’s Transcoding & Packaging SaaS service is a unique solution to help deliver content securely across the globe at an affordable pricing”.

Based on valuable customer feedback, the service is enhanced with a rich feature set in-line with the streaming industry and is being launched as PallyCon’s “Transcoding & Packaging” service. 

The service is aiming at streaming companies who want to go kick start their service without the complexity involved around transcoding, and securing content with Multi-DRM and forensic watermarking integration.

SaaS solution can be accessed via console and using REST API’s- the best part of service.

The service needs just one resolution file as input to generate the desired set of output videos to stream securely, as a result, no need to pay the additional costs to transcode using any 3rd party software or solution thereby saving time and money.

The pay-as-you-use, no setup fee, no AMC (Asset Management Company) makes it a most sought-after product.

Talking about Forensic watermarking, it helps to identify the source of a content leak quickly and efficiently, so that effective anti-piracy action can be taken. It helps to protect the copyright of your work and ensures that it cannot be reused or altered without your permission.

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