Forensic Students Demand Rojgar as #modi_rojgar_do trends on Twitter

Forensic Students Demand Rojgar as #modi_rojgar_do trends on Twitter

#modi_rojgar_do is now trending on Twitter for few days as students demand employment from the government as students allege SSC of scam of CGL Tier-exams of 2019. The demand for rojgar (employment) is not only of SSC students but includes youth from various fields.

Forensic Science is one of those fields where students are unemployed even after completing their high studies and are dependent only on the teaching profession in private universities to be employed.

Forensic science as it may sound is one of the most interesting fields where every Forensics student wishes to be a part of government labs for investigation purposes.

As our PM Modi expresses how he wishes to make it a safe country to live for women as well as women, this action policy regarding employment may not work in his favor.

Let us have a look as to what opportunities Forensic science students are offered and how are they suffering after entering in a professional field that is supposed to excel in India.

Rojgar/employment of Forensic Science Students

Forensic science students are at the misery of government and the eligibility criteria of Forensic science laboratories.

The rojgar/employment policy of the government is disturbing for the students while when the vacancy is created, FSL’s eligibility criteria aren’t suitable for the students of Forensic science.

The government is focusing and encouraging the youth to join the professional Forensic course by opening National Forensic Science universities whereas they should focus more on creating Job opportunities as there is enough competition with thousands of students graduating every year without any further scope in this field.

The job opportunities in this field in India are few as only contract-based Jobs are being created nowadays while permanent jobs are only for the highly experienced.

Fresh students have very few opportunities and they are stuck in only the teaching profession or to change the field after graduation in Forensic Science.

Even those few opportunities created for freshers are reserved/preferred for Non-Forensic students or those who have their Bachelors in Pure science which means most of the graduates remain in doubt for their future.

Condition of Forensics in India

The condition of Forensics is below par as many of the FSL’s are unoccupied or vacant or have professionals of different fields.

Due to the unavailability of staff in particular state FSL’s many cases are transferred to the nearest CFSL’s or remains unsolved.

Due to the lack of necessary knowledge regarding the handling of crime scenes and evidence to the police due to lack of Forensic professionals, the risk of mishandling is highly likely.

With the inclusion of professionals belonging to this particular field, a lot more positive changes can be observed in the upcoming years, however, it remains highly unlikely to change anything due to the eligibility criteria of FSL’s which is also a cause of concern.

In most of the FSL’s the eligibility criteria states that a Forensic student having graduated in a Professional course in Forensic science is not eligible even though he has a Ph.D. or Masters’s degree in Forensics.

However, a student having graduated in Pure science is eligible for any post in FSL which is uncalled for. With little to no scope of forensics in the private field except Teaching, it seems harsh on the youth to study and waste their money to get employment. As time passes, the rate of unemployment increases day-by-day as graduates increase every year in comparison to the number of employed people.

Since #modi_rojgar_do is trending on Twitter, it looks quite awful that many other professions face similar problems of employment. The government is expected to work for the public benefit and it seems nothing with the look of it.

The teaching professionals and students from across the country will be standing together to express their concern for the youth employment at 11:00 am on 25th February with the tagline #modi_rojgar_do to stand united.

We (Forensic Yard) also urge everyone to come together and be among the voices by using the tagline #modi_rojgaar_do against the government employment policy as we must work to change the future and it’s only possible with unity.


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      If government don’t know how many job less students are staying in India… Then ask me i will saw it.. Kindly request to you Indian government strictly take action about jobless students

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