FIMS- A New Development to Fasten Forensic Investigation Process

FIMS- A New Development to Fasten Forensic Investigation Process

FIMS is an acronym for Forensic Information Management System which is an expanded part of LIMS.

LIMS, also referred as Laboratory Information Management System, is an automated system to handle the monitoring of case samples and associated data throughout their life cycle and before, during, and after the testing methods.

Currently, almost all forensic laboratories have some sort of automated system in place for handling a variety of data and reports.

The scientific work involved in solving crimes is not limited to the lab; it starts at the scene of the crime and continues through the course of the investigation to the courtroom and beyond.

Since DNA evidence has become a major factor in determining guilt or innocence, the scientific chain of evidentiary custody in cold cases can now last for decades.

FIMS helps to maintain an unquestionable electronic chain of custody of evidence, regardless of the type of crime that has been committed or how the investigation develops from the moment police arrive on the scene until the day of either conviction or exoneration of the suspect(s).

For instance, crime scene professionals will not necessarily need to use the complete FIMS, but they will, at the very least, need to log evidence, conduct on-site examinations, and start the chain of custody.

If every stage of the inquiry is integrated into a single complete LIMS teams can gain considerable advantages. As there is no need to move between multiple siloed applications, users can significantly reduce system risks.

Without secure, easy access to the FIMS, the overall operation does not take full advantage of what the system offers. The solution is a portal into the FIMS that can be made briefly and specifically accessible to outside resources.

The ability for an extended network of professionals to contribute data and make requests in real-time, as well as automate and streamline operations without compromising on security or adherence, offers a highly efficient, secure, and economical solution.

This platform is the only option needed for precise, secure data storage and analysis as the investigation progresses, including property management, forensic lab analysis, medical examination, and investigative operations.

The law enforcement agencies frequently require connections between the LIMS and other systems, such as the agency’s Records Management System (RMS) or the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS). In such circumstances, organizations benefit substantially from selecting a more sophisticated, enterprise-level LIMS with fewer needless interfaces.

Despite the fact that forensics laboratories undoubtedly benefit from many of the features offered by a typical LIMS, they are better served by a system that goes above and beyond the basics.

These capabilities will have ideally been built and designed by a LIMS provider whose personnel have vast experience working in the forensic industry.

FIMS is an integrated program which helps to maintain each and every aspect of a criminal investigation which includes the information regarding crime scene, chain of custody, laboratory analysis, medical examiners, legal information and property management.

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