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Fang Lu Arrested After 8 Years of Killing Boss’s Family

Fang Lu Arrested After 8 Years of Killing Boss’s Family

The incident happened in Houston, United States, where a whole family was wiped off in their own home. The bodies of Maoye Sun (50), MeiXie Sun (49), Timothy Sun (9), and Titus Sun (7), were found in separate bedrooms with bullet holes in their heads, on 30th January 2014. The investigators worked on the case and came to know about an accused named Fang Lu, who was a junior worker of Maoye.

The police suspected Fang Lu because he was mad that Maoye, his superior at work, did not recommend him for a promotion.  But before the police could get strong evidence to arrest Fang, he flew back to his home town in China.

After 8 years of the incident Fang came back to the United States and was arrested on 11th September by the police after a few moments he reached the San Francisco airport. 

The arrest was possible after forensic DNA analysis. The forensic technicians recovered DNA mixtures from a Coach purse from the crime scene that had Fang’s DNA on it. Cops said the DNA match didn’t come until after Fang had already returned home to his native China, and detectives feared they’d never be able to make an arrest. But it was made possible when Fang returned to the United states.

According to the court documents filed by the police, Fang Lu wanted to be transferred to the research and development section of the oil and gas company Cameron International Corporation (now named Schlumberger) where he worked and asked Maoye to put a good word in but Fang speculated that instead of making recommendations, Maoye said something derogatory about him due to which was not promoted.

He claimed his co-workers began treating him differently a day after he asked for the promotion. Fang confessed that he was angry with Maoye but denied the killings. However the DNA analysis made everything clear and led to the arrest of Fang.

The court documents say Fang told conflicting stories to authorities about a gun he’d purchased and later returned to the store without a barrel. That was enough to have a warrant issued, but it came after Fang had left the country. His wife told investigators that Fang had a dispute with Maoye about the promotion. She also expressed “disbelief” after the investigators told her that Fang bought a firearm.

Fang Lu has been charged for the four murders and sent behind the bars. 

David Cao, a board member of the Houston Chinese Alliance said, “If this guy did it—how dare he come back? Was Fang in China for all of the past eight years? Had he travelled to and from the U.S. during that time? When did authorities focus on him?”.

He further added, “There’s so much we do not know at this moment. But I hope justice will be done for this family. I just can’t believe it. How can a human being do this? Wiping out an entire family?”

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