Drugs Packed in Barrels  Seized by Gujarat ATS

Drugs Packed in Barrels Seized by Gujarat ATS

On Tuesday, 6th December 2022, the Gujarat ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) seized two plastic barrels packed with 100 kilograms of drugs. The drugs was found at a shop in the Sayajigunj area of Vadodara, Gujarat.

This seizure was a further probe of Mephedrone drug case in which drugs worth of around Rs 500 crores was seized by the ATS on 29th November 2022, from a factory-cum-godown near Sindhrot village in Vadodara.

On 29th November, five men named Saumil Pathak, Shailesh Kataria, Vinod Nijama, Mohammad Shafi Dewan and Bharat Chavda, were arrested and were remanded for 14 days in police custody on December 1st in the case.

The ATS reached at the Sayajigunj based shop on Tuesday with the help of Kataria recovered 63.6 kg of the drug and 80.26 kg of the raw material along with the machinery used for the manufacture of the drug.

It has been reported by the police that the drug business was being openly run by three people on three floors of the building of Payal Complex at Sayajigunj.

The first floor was dedicated to a mini laboratory where the drug was manufactured, while the other two floors had the storage of raw materials and the finished drug.

Talking about the nature of the drug, the officials said the the seized chemicals were so strong that they caused irritation in the nose and eyes of the ATS officers, during the seizure.

The police officials said the team arrived the site along with forensic experts in Sayajigunj as during interrogation one of the accused had allegedly revealed that the shop was being used to conceal the chemicals used to manufacture the drugs.

Briefing about the accused, the police officials said that Saumil Pathak is the prime accused who learned the manufacturing procedure of Mephedrone drug from the internet. He also has a previous case filed by the Mumbai police against him in 2017 for possessing the drugs.

When Pathak was in the jail, he met an accused also lodged in the jail who helped him arrange the raw material and gain knowledge about the manufacturing process.

Kataria, the co-accused in the case, is said to be a chemistry graduate, who actually produced the drugs while the other three worked for the logistical operations of the factory.

After filing a punchnama, the ATS officials left the spot with the accused and have placed the security at the premises, where the drugs were seized.

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