Chattisgarh DM Ranbir Singh suspended by CM

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Chattisgarh DM Ranbir Singh suspended by chief minister

Chief Minister of Chattisgarh suspended IAS officer Ranbir Singh from the post of District Magistrate, and Gourav Kumar Singh was appointed as the new District Magistrate of Suraj Pur.

Chattisgarh government took immediate action on Ranbir Singh after his beating and misbehaving with civilians circulated over the internet platform.

In the video, the arrogant behavior of DM Ranbir Singh can be seen clearly. DM stopped the young boy for violating the Covid guidelines and coming out unnecessary in the public place.

The boy, in response, said he is out because he needs to buy medicines for his father. It is clearly seen from the video that the boy was willing to show receipt of the medication required to collector from his phone, but he did not listen to him.

He took the phone from him and smashed it on the ground, and police officers charged lathis on him and registered FIR against him.

DM Ranbir Singh was seen ordering police officers to register FIR against him and asserted him of shooting video.

According to police, a case of overspeeding and not obeying public servants has been filed against him.

DM, in his defense, said he was lying and not responding correctly, “He said he was out for vaccination, but there was no proper documentation. Later, he said he was going to visit his grandmother. I slapped him in the heat of the moment when he misbehaved. He was 23-24 years old and not 13. I regret and apologize for my behavior.”

He further added that, “In this pandemic situation, district Surajpur along with entire Chhattisgarh is facing the irreparable loss of life. We government employees of the state government are striving hard to tackle this problem. My parents and I were also affected by Coronavirus. I am now post-Covid, but my mother is still positive and undergoing treatment at home.

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