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Kakinada Devika Murder Case

Kakinada Devika Murder Case

Kada Devika, a 22 year old girl was brutally murdered in broad daylight on the Kurada-Kandregula road in Pedapudi Mandal of Kakinada district of Andhra Pradesh on Saturday. The reason for her murder was that she refused to marry the accused, Gubbala Venkata Suryanarayana (25 years old). 

The family of the two youngsters had come together twice to fix a date for their wedding. However, they failed to find any common ground. This made Devika rethink her priorities and reportedly decided to concentrate on her studies.

She was living with her maternal grandparents in Konaseema district, and was preparing for the constable job. She decided to keep distance from the accused Suryanarayana because of her studies, but the accused thought she had fallen for some other man and developed anger against her. He decided to kill her and waited for the right time and opportunity to execute his heinous act.

On 8th October, the accused tracked Devika’s movements and followed her with a bottle of acid and a sickle. He stopped Devika while on her way back from buying medicines for her ill younger sister. He intercepted her vehicle in the middle of the road and slit her throat with the sickle. 

The incident was witnessed by the locals who immediately called the 108 ambulance for Devika, but before she could reach the hospital she lost her life on the way. The local villagers however, on the spot caught Suryanarayana and tied him to a tree and thrashed him before calling the police. 

Devika’s body was sent for the postmortem to the Kakinada government hospital. The postmortem report revealed on Monday that Devika was brutally stabbed 15 times on her body. Devika was indiscriminately stabbed by the accused and suffered deep cuts on her face and neck.

The accused is said to have plunged the weapon deep into her collar bone which was split on the left side. The blood vessels in the neck were completely severed due to cuts on both sides, which were identified as the cause of Devika’s death. Devika tried to protect herself by using both her hands to block him, while he was stabbing her.

She suffered deep wounds on the upper part of both elbows as he stabbed with the sickle with such force that he cut the bone of her left hand. Both her shoulders were separated from her body. The humerus bone in the upper arm that’s located between the elbow and left shoulder was fractured in the attack. The sickle had also directly cut into the neck.

Devika’s parents are devastated from the incident and they are demanding severe punishments for the accused Suryanarayana. 

The state chief minister, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy expressed shock over the brutal murder of Devika and directed the police to punish the accused under the Disha Act. He also announced financial assistance of Rs 10 lakh to the victim’s family.

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