A Device to Speedup the DNA Sample Turnaround Time

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A Device to Speedup the DNA Sample Turnaround Time
New device as a turnaround for dna samples

A forensic science professor of Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) Richmond, Kentucky, USA. According to him, he’s on the cusp of inventing a device that will speed up the turnaround time for DNA samples.

Dr. Jamie Fredericks is the Director of Forensics Science at EKU. He said he is about three to six months away from an invention that could decrease the DNA sample turnaround. And if successful it could save precious time helping police catch their suspect.

The actual device hasn’t been fully developed, but Dr. Fredericks says the device they are testing is like a cotton swab, focused on extracting biological fluids. He said this faster process will help police agencies across the country decrease a massive backlog of untested sexual assault kits.

Since DNA samples can put a person at the scene of a crime, therefore, Dr. Fredericks hopes he can put the pieces to the crime puzzle faster.

He is working with his students and one of them will be credited with assisting in the invention.

Dr. Fredricks explains that this will not only help the families involved but also if the authorities don’t want to have the perpetrator on the loose committing additional crimes. 

If this device is successfully developed then it will bring a revolution in the field of forensic DNA examination that will decrease the time period of the DNA analysis and the justice process will also be fastened.

Dr. Fredericks says his next project will focus on extracting touch DNA like skin cells. 

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